Song of the Printerer Redux


And the song of the Printerer continues here…

I missed it. Let’s start it going again.


Dye Print or Dye Printerer, This time it’s the Workening.


The Fellowship of the Printerer
The Two Printerers
Return of the Printerer


Printerer Shrugged


Printerer is coming


All your printerer are belong to us.


If I were a printerer man,



Do you want to build a printerer?
It doesn’t have to be an HP.


Hire Purchase printerers


Three Printerers for the Tonerer-lords under the printerer
Seven for the Paperer-lords in their halls of printerer
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to work on many a broken printerer
One Printerer for the Dark Printerer on his dark printerer
In the Land of Printerer where Printerers printerer
One Printerer to printerer them all, One Printerer to printerer them,
One Printerer to printerer them all and in the darkness printerer them
In the Land of Mordor where the Printerers printerer



Function Printerer(Print)
If (Randomize) = 99 then Printerer.Paperjam
If (Randomize) = 150 then Printerer.RotatePrintout180Degrees
If (Randomize) = 484 then Printerer.CrashAndBurn
If (Randomize) = 666 then Printerer.Rickroll
Else Printerer.PrintNormally


O printerer, O printerer: crappy are your driverers!


Printerer, Oh Printerer, wherefore art thou?


Good? Bad? I’m the guy with the printerer.


In the printerer, the mighty printerer
The toner sleeps tonight

Wimoweh, wimoweh…


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‘To kill a printerer’
‘The song of the tonerer monster’
‘Zen and the art of printerer maintenance’


This little girl survived longer than that with no printerers and no training.

Well that’s great. Why don’t you put her in charge?!


I say we take off and printerer the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.