So I'm a Contractor (Stupid Work Questions)

So I’ve been a Contractor for a bit over a year now. While I was on vacation, I got a call and email that they want to keep me for another year. Now I need to meet with my recruiter and talk to my “boss” (I.E. the people I actually do work for… Customers?) about details, although I’ve been ducking that due to the cold I picked up on vacation.

Anyone got any tips for this? I think I need to make a list before the discussion of questions/concerns. Is it cool to ask for a pay bump? Change vacation details? Is it cool to bring up that the project I was hired for is ending in a few months?

My special snowflake weirdness is that I’m a contractor paid by X. X is owned by Y. My customer is Y, so I am a contract employee at the parent company of my employer.

Any advice is appreciated!

If the normal pay rates in your area have gone up, then absolutely ask for a pay rise and expect to get it.
If the pay rates haven’t gone up then it might be a little bit more tricky, but still worth asking.

I’m not sure if it works differently there, but here if you are a contractor then you only get paid for the hours you work. If you want more holidays then it’s not really any skin off their noses - I’d discuss that too.

I’d say it’s necessary, not just cool.
If they aren’t going to have work for you then it’d be good to know so you can start making plans. That’s obviously for your benefit, not theirs, which is why I would be bringing it up.

While the employer / contract / customer situation is a bit odd, I don’t think it makes any fundamental difference to your negotiations.

@MikeP pretty much said it all, but I would add that discussing a pay bump is also okay if you have taken on more responsibility than the original contract was for, and you can document and prove it.


Still working on this, sadly. Basically, the company I work for suggested that after a year on contract they’d probably either pick me up as a regular or cut me loose.

In reality, they’ve extended a contract by a year. This makes my situation a bit ugly. No raise, and in fact I’m losing out due to the vacation situation:

So Contractor basically makes me “pay” for vacation time. It’s kind of like the deal I could’ve had (if I had been able to afford it) when I worked for a college, but in reverse. In return for X vacation days, my hourly rate is lowered by Y.

The problem is now we’re in year two and apparently those days don’t refresh… So I’m still at -Y, and getting nothing for it. The deal gets worse the longer it goes on.

I’m trying to set up a meet with my recruiter. my schedule is a bit wonky next week due to $Wife’s surgery, but I need to talk to them. If they want me to remain happy doing this job a few things are going to have to change. See Special Snowflake, above: The ‘client’ is the owning company of the contracting company I work for.

You need to talk to your recruiter as soon as possible. If nothing else, to see if he has another job that fits your needs if these guys won’t renegotiate your contract.