Snowvortexocalypse! ! ! ! 11!

We have no snow here, only rain and a little wind. It’s about 45°F, and the sun isn’t up yet. I want to live vicariously through people who actually have seasons! Post your pictures, if you have them!

The past few years (since our own Snowpocalypse in 2010, around Thanksgiving), we’ve had a little cold snap around Thanksgiving or Christmas, and then warmish weather until about mid-January and February. We’ve experienced more cold weather in March and April, too. This year, we’ve actually experienced more CLEAR weather, where it gets lighter than dusk sometime during the day, or the sun even comes out! Winter is pretty boring here.

(EDIT: There are supposed to be more exclamation points before the 11. They disappeared. I suspect this is a coding issue, or is the forum dampening my enthusiasm?)

I wish we would get some rain here. We’re in drought mode, and if we don’t get a lot of rain soon, we’re going to be on water rationing.

California will be announcing we are in a drought. We have about 17% of the average snow pack for the year.

I’ll try to get the pics I took after the ice storm up here posted on Flickr soon, and post a link here. Got some really cool ones, I think. A friend of mine said it looked like we were being invaded by the Crystalline Entities from that Star Trek: TNG episode. :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:

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The forum is dampening your enthusiasm. Apparently it doesn’t like that many exclamation points in a title.

Edit: There’s a setting enabled called Title Prettify. The description is: Prevent common title typos and errors, including all caps, lowercase first character, multiple ! and ?, extra . at end, etc.

Hehe - I have visions of “Title Prittify” turning “Oh $Deity, I hate this place, get me out!” into “I am somewhat dissatisfied with my current job.” :laughing:


Couple of extra spaces, and Sunbeam gets her enthusiasm back!


Title Prettify! As if extra exclamation points aren’t intentional! !! !

GEEZ, Sunbeam! Stop screaming already!! You sound like a rabid fangirl!!1!!!11!

Okay. I’m done. :wink:

(Oops, I lied! LOL! Thanks for fixing the title for me!! :smile:)

I totally read it as “Tittie Prettify” Yeah. Maybe it’s time to get my eyes checked…


Or your halter top…

just sayin’


:cry: I miss my winter. Please come back.

It’s 70 here in San Diego and I’m loving it. What a difference 30-40 percentage points of humidity makes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the air is pretty saturated right now. It’s amazing how near-100% humidity can make even high-60s feel just gross.


Same idea for low temps: 35 or 40 and dry is cool, maybe jacket weather.

Add rain or near-rain humidity, and it becomes bone-chilling, penetrating cold.

^^What he said. It’s been tremendously rainy and windy this weekend (even got a bunch of hail today). It’s been in the 40s, but it’s so much chillier than the dry days we had last week.

I snapped this with my phone this morning. In the distance is my daughter and her friend walking with their dogs. It was about 5 degrees out at the time with winds gusting to 25-30 mph.

It’s going to be 70F here today :frowning: :cry:


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Wheeee! Whiteouts are fun when you’re driving!

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And with Solar Activity fading, we may be looking at a new “normal”. Frankly, with all the potential downfalls of global warming, including the fact that I hate hot weather, I’d rather get too warm than too cold globally. Not ready to watch millions of people starve to death.

The hockey stick was a fabrication, and we haven’t increased temperatures for over a decade. While this is supposedly the “4th hottest year” or some shit it turns out the top ten are all within .09 degrees, which is less than the .1 degree margin of error.

Yes, I want clean energy, no I don’t want to pollute my environment. Stop feeding me this bullshit about “settled science” and hockey sticks, and CO2 levels while taking a fleet of private jets to some tropical nation to discuss global warming. Germany’s attempts at green energy are causing them to pollute more, Solar Power pollutes more than it saves, water power dams rivers we need for water, wind power causes all kinds of micro climate issues and kills birds.

Stop subsidizing shitty technology and let someone make a renewable source of power that actually works well. Let’s fix the problem instead of preaching some hokey religion. I know how atheists (Or realists) feel when they listen to someone talk about how believing in Christ and telling kids to not have sex before marriage will solve teen pregnancy and STDs.

On topic, the wind last night was horrific.