Server trouble today

Sorry for the persistent issues that have been going on for the last 3+ hours. After about three uninterrupted years of service, the CoG/BigDino web server started experiencing hard freezes this morning (totally unresponsive to anything). And it’s the best/worst kind of freeze—they’re intermittent, with no apparent triggers, and there’s absolutely nothing out of the ordinary in any of the logs.

I’ve been working with the colo support folks at Liquidweb and we just replaced the server’s RAM as a hail mary, since “random freezes with no apparent cause” is one of the things you might see with a bad RAM stick. Fingers crossed.


I blame society. Or bad ram.

I blame Techn…oh… he hasn’t been around in a while, huh?


…well, it’s been an hour and it’s still up, so we…



…I don’t really want to jinx it. I’ll just keep watching for a little longer.

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