Server migration probably tomorrow! (Edit: it's done, post any issues here)

What’s up, party people. The time has come for our hard-charging dedicated server, Liquidity, to join the great bit bucket in the sky. It’s served us well, but it’s been a few years and it’s time for a migration to a new dedicated box. Say hello to Celerity! Actually, you can’t say hello yet, we’re still on the old box. But you can say hello tomorrow!

So probably tomorrow morning, somewhere around 6-7am US Central time, the forums might go offline for as little as a few minutes if everything goes right, or maybe a little longer if everything doesn’t go right.

Discourse migrations are really pretty easy—it’s pretty much just a matter of standing up a new blank forum and uploading the latest backup, so as I start the migration I’ll flip the forum to read-only and grab one final snapshot, then start the process.

Fingers crossed! Hopefully the most anyone notices is that everyone will have to log back in again, since none of your cookies will be valid.


oh man i hope like hell i didn’t just jinx this whole damn thing


We have confidence in our Keeper of Tickets :grin:

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All right, everybody, hold onto your butts.


Okay, that took a little longer than I was anticipating, but I think we’re back!

Edit - ugh, no, we’re having some dns issues and images are being stupid. Fixing.

Okay, now I think we’re done.

Ran into a weird issue at the very final step with putting the contents of the uploads and customizations directories back how they’re supposed to be. Discourse is a big-ass Docker application that stores all of its static assets in a physical directory outside the container; all this extra stuff is supposed to be included in a site backup, but it didn’t come over properly. I had to shove a bunch of files into place manually, and I’m reasonably sure I got everything.

However, there are a few images that are still acting kind of weird, including avatars. If your avatar isn’t properly showing up (or if it’s showing up properly in some places but not in others!), try re-uploading it. It should fix the issue.

If anyone notices anything else funky over the next few days, please reply below and I’ll try to fix whatever it is!