RIP Thread


Lol, derp, my bad… and I replied, which makes it so much worse.


Well, crap. That sucks and I’m really sorry to hear the news. :cry:


My friend Todd from high school (and Junior high, and elementary school…). Was riding his ATV and lost control. One of the few males in school that never made me feel like an object, desirable or undesirable. Just an all around nice guy. Poop.


I’m sorry for your loss. People like that are to be treasured.


My condolences. :frowning:


Sorry, @MSUAlexis, my condolences as well.


Thanks guys. They just released the findings on what happened - it was caught on a home security camera.
He was almost home and a dog ran out in front of him and he braked and was avoiding hitting the dog. Always thinking of the other person, even to his last action. Such a nice guy…


I’m so sorry for your loss @MSUAlexis.


So sorry to hear that :frowning:


Katherine Helmomd. Most famous for her role as Jessica Tate on ‘Soap’ she specialized in playing ‘nice, but somewhat ditzy’ characters and always seemed to be having a lot of fun in the process.


I’m a few years too young for Soap; I knew her as Mona in Who’s the Boss


I was going to say the same thing. I think she was also Ray’s mother-in-law on Everybody Loves Raymond.


Luke Perry, star of the original 90210, 52


Prodigy frontman Keith Flint, 49


WWE star King Kong Bundy, 61


Jan-Michael Vincent, 74

Happened last month, he was keeping a pretty low profile the past few years.


Airwolf flying off into the sunset.


Mosque shooting, at least 9 dead, fears that there may be 30 or more.

I’m lost for words. This sort of thing just doesn’t happen in New Zealand


I heard the report on the radio during my commute.
That was my first thought “New Zealand? Really?”
Thoughts and prayer for everyone involved.


I was a bit stunned when I heard it, myself.
Reports here are saying 49 dead, 20 injured, at 2 different mosques.
I have lost my words.