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I do remember he seemed too “classy” for the rest of the show. Like he wandered in from the comparatively higher budget and more ‘professional’ NFL-style sports coverage and was much more subtle than the people he was interviewing.


Bad day today. :frowning:

Bob Einstein, aka Super Dave Osborne


He also played Bobby Caldwell (Linus’s (Matt Damon) father) in Ocean’s Thirteen.


Variety is reporting that Daryl Dragon died today of renal failure at age 76. With his ever-present captain’s hat, he was the Captain in The Captain & Tennille.


My mother-in-law. She was 84 and had been suffering from dementia for the last 6 months or so. Apparently it’s quite common for dementia sufferers to die from infections as the brain forgets how to work properly - and that’s what happened to her.

You often hear stories about the horrible mother-in-law. What you don’t hear are the stories about people like my mother-in-law, who was the sweetest, kindest, most generous person you could hope to meet. She spent the last few days of her life in hospital, and the doctors commented that they could tell that she was well loved. And they were right.

We will all miss you very much Marion.


My condolences on your loss, @MikeP.


I’m sorry for your loss. It’s wonderful that you got to find such a wonderful family member to be part of your life.


Dittos, sorry for your loss, @MikeP


And then there were eight. Alfred K. Newman, one of the last Navajo Code Talkers.


My father-in-law, which we’ve expected since last April. This gets weird as now my wife is going to be tied up helping her mom with tons of stuff which stresses everyone out. Also, I have a work trip this weekend I can’t easily bail on.


I’m sorry for you loss. Even when it’s expected, it’s never easy.


The lovely lady client which I’ve been helping recently told us that a month or so ago she and her hubby was watching telly, she went up to get something from the kitchen and then her hubby got a massive heart attack.

Sadly he died. She’s managed to cope with things, but her sister have decided to step in and help with the estate etc as she is not coping completely.

My wife told her that there is a market for private tutors and if she want, my wife will advertise on the homeschooling groups, the kids go to her for private lessons and she’ll be able to make a living that way (should she want to) as she’s currently going to a nursery school and look after kids.

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One of my former students.


That is such a huge bummer, we may not have gotten along very well but he was a good guy.


Albert Finney, aka Daddy Warbucks, 82


Ron W. Miller, a former University of Southern California football star who married a daughter of Walt Disney and later became CEO of the Burbank entertainment giant, died Saturday. He was 85.