RIP Thread


Google Inbox is going away early next year.

I use(d) a number of its features aggressively - bundling, snoozing, pinning, etc. Some of those have appeared in Gmail proper apparently, but I’m giving Spark a spin on my Apple devices as a replacement. Email habits die hard though.


95 days after losing cat #1, we’ve had to let #2 go.

They were born about 5 weeks apart, so she lived about 2 months longer (net) than he did. Maybe we could have done something that would have given her a couple more weeks, but at what cost to her quality of life?


Oh, that’s hard. I’m so sorry for your losses. :cry:


Very sorry for your losses, @dakboy. I’d have made the same decision in that situation, I think.


Condolences @dakboy


My condolences, @dakboy. :frowning:


I got migrated to the ‘new’ Gmail interface (which uses bits of the stuff they’re killing off as I understand" and it’s seriously not great so far. Much slower to load for no real value besides a new look, it seems.


Agreed. I like Inbox’s cleanness and focus on current messages. Given that I never delete messages, Gmail’s normal interface looks cluttered as hell now.


You can revert to the previous look if you want. It’s in your settings.


Star Wars Producer Gary Kurtz


Charles Aznaavour - I was first introduced to his music in my French class in high school.



Greatest panel ever.


We lost another of our Pokemon Go community. This is the second in a month.


Whoa… is there any more information?


The article has been updated. He ran to the edge of the cliff to take in the view, and the edge crumbled out from under him. :frowning:


:disappointed_relieved: That must have been an awful way to die. I hope his family is okay.


I feel really bad for his friend who climbed down on a rope to try to save him, and then ended up hanging on to the body as hard as he could until help arrived so it wouldn’t wash out to sea.
Updated article


God that must have been one of worst day of the friends life.




My friend Fred, 48, of sepsis brought on by complications from diabetes. You left us too soon, buddy.