RIP Thread


Google Inbox is going away early next year.

I use(d) a number of its features aggressively - bundling, snoozing, pinning, etc. Some of those have appeared in Gmail proper apparently, but I’m giving Spark a spin on my Apple devices as a replacement. Email habits die hard though.


95 days after losing cat #1, we’ve had to let #2 go.

They were born about 5 weeks apart, so she lived about 2 months longer (net) than he did. Maybe we could have done something that would have given her a couple more weeks, but at what cost to her quality of life?


Oh, that’s hard. I’m so sorry for your losses. :cry:


Very sorry for your losses, @dakboy. I’d have made the same decision in that situation, I think.


Condolences @dakboy


My condolences, @dakboy. :frowning:


I got migrated to the ‘new’ Gmail interface (which uses bits of the stuff they’re killing off as I understand" and it’s seriously not great so far. Much slower to load for no real value besides a new look, it seems.


Agreed. I like Inbox’s cleanness and focus on current messages. Given that I never delete messages, Gmail’s normal interface looks cluttered as hell now.


You can revert to the previous look if you want. It’s in your settings.


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