RIP Thread


The quote I’m seeing going around is something to the effect of “He avoided turning into a cranky asshole in his old age by always being a cranky asshole.”

From what I’ve read, it sounds like he was very complicated to work with or be friends with.


I have to admit, I’ve never really been a fan of his work except for Babylon 5, where he’s listed as a “creative consultant” - not sure how much actual input he had into the scripts. I have friends who were active in the convention organizing scene when he was doing cons and they have said exactly what you said, @balance.


ST:TOS-The City on the Edge of Forever is a definite favourite of mine.


What I remember about him on Babylon 5 is the story JMS told about a fake script he wrote with Narn being able to biologically switch to the opposite sex during times of great stress. It was going to include something like G’Kar and Londo ending up in bed together. JMS reinforced the idea by scheduling a fitting for Andreas Katsulas to get breasts added to his prosthetics/costume. When another actor called Harlan to verify it, JMS said he was at his desk, trying his best not to let his laughter be heard over the phone. It also helped sell the story as being real.

The fake script was JMS getting back at the cast for some kind of prank they pulled on him, but it backfired a bit. Many of the crew said they didn’t care about union rules and would come in on their own time to film it. Some even thanked JMS for writing the script because they had transgender friends. Which made him feel like “an assassin” for having gone that far. They were really disappointed when the real script was released, with one actor handing back to JMS an item they had kept that was a kind of promise by JMS that the series was going to run the full five years, no matter what.

Okay, so that was more about JMS than Harlan, but if you watched the show, Harlan appeared as a Psi Corps member, discussing with Bester about how Michael Garibaldi should be mentally pushed after Garibaldi was rescued.


Creator of Dr. Strange Steve Ditko


The inspiration for the movie, Good Morning, Vietnam, Adrian Cronauer at age 79. It was actually his idea, combining MASH and WKRP In Cincinatti, starting as a sitcom, but because TV networks didn’t see war as comedy material, despite MASH being very popular at the time, he changed it to a script for a TV movie of the week. That got Robin Williams’ attention and it eventually became the theatrical movie after a heavy rewrite by a different writer, which Cronauer didn’t object to.



The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, 76


Just watched her performance of You Make Me Feel where (Obama tears up). Seriously good stuff.

Also, I had no idea she was so competent on the ivories.


Time to watch The Blues Brothers again


Is there ever a bad time to watch the Blues Brothers?


Two this weekend -


Don’t forget Robin Leach, who showed us how rich and famous people lived, back before reality shows made people famous just for being famous.


Oh, wow, I had not heard about him.


Legendary actor Burt Reynolds, 82


Oh, dude, that’s a shock. It probably shouldn’t be, but dang.


In the category of “live fast, party hard, die early”, we have Malcolm James McCormick, a rapper known as Mac Miller. Died today of a drug overdose at age 26. He was scheduled to film a new music video today.

The Wikipedia page says he was arrested for DUI and hit and run back in May. There were earlier drug problems that he appeared to have resolved back in 2012.

A quick search about addiction turned up a statement on a recovery hospital’s page that said you don’t really cure an addiction. You just go into a period where your addiction is inactive. It then goes on to say that while recovery is possible, it lists some stats about how difficult it is. That brings us to the very wise words from the movie War Games: “The only winning move is not to play.”


Rachid Taha - A student introduced me to his music about a year and a half ago, and I’ve picked up several of his albums since. He was way to young to go, only 59.


Abgrund (Pokemon Go name) - a member of our local Pokemon go community passed away earlier today. There aren’t any news articles I can link to, but my condolences go to his family and friends.


Oh no. That sucks. I know how tight the community for PoGo is.