RIP Thread


No one mentioned Alan Bean yet, eh?



Anthony Bourdain


Bourdain’s books are definitely worth a read. He’s very honest about his life (heroin addiction) and working in/running a restaurant. He’s critical of a lot of the ‘celebrity chefs’ but came off as a nice guy when you were actually trying to deal with him as a human being.

I’m not convinced it was the best idea to read two of them while on vacation, and thus eating at restaurants for almost every meal.


David Douglas Duncan. You can find his photos in Life magazine, and covering everything from the wars starting with WWII such as being aboard the USS Missouri when the surrender papers were signed. Also photographed Pablo Picasso.


I picked up Kitchen Confidential last Friday after I found out about his death. I’ve been told not to read it while I’m eating. :slight_smile:


As I said, I read it while on vacation, albeit not at restaurants. I think my main spoiler-free takeaways are:

  • Food comes from plants (which grown in dirt) and animals (which make poo and live near dirt).
  • Restaurant employees are awesome and horrible, sometimes at the same time.
  • If you work at a high level at an NYC food service location, you will have contact with organized crime.
  • Special orders do upset us. Er, them.


I had started writing up a long, flowery post about my ailing cat but the TL;DR is that he got considerably weaker over the weekend and we made the decision on Monday to not let him hurt anymore.

What Made You Happy Today?

I’m sorry for you loss. That is a hard decision to make.


Condolences, @dakboy.


Condolences @dakboy


My condolences. :frowning:


I am so sorry, but glad that he was so well loved.


I’m sorry you lost your friend, dak. :frowning:


Not sure if anybody have heard of him… Friend of mine told me this morning.


Koko, 46


Awww. I grew up learning about her. Her and the chimp Lana.


Richard “The Old Man” Harrison from Pawn Stars.

Funny, I thought he was older than 77.


Joe Jackson, father of Michael, Janet, et al, 89


Harlan Ellison has died at the age of 84.

Not sure how I feel about it. He’s written stuff that I’ve truly enjoyed and other things that I can’t stand. He’s written things that were amazingly creative and others that blatantly ripped off other authors. I’m not sure if he was a good author that I didn’t get or a jerk that I occasionally enjoyed. But in either case, dystopias will never be the same.