RIP Thread


Crap. She was a classy lady.

And holy shit, can a single article go by without mentioning Trump?


Verne Troyer, 49


10 dead in Toronto van attack.

Please keep Toronto in your thoughts today.

This is north of where I work but I know the area well and have wandered around there many times. I have a lot of friends who work in that area, and who would think nothing of enjoying a stroll at lunch on a nice day now that the warm weather has arrived.

And this is where I am thankful for Facebook. Within hours of the attack, people were checking in and declaring themselves safe, or reporting that friends and family not on FB were safe. A few were in the area at the time, and are now dealing with the aftermath of what happened emotionally.

This is also where I am thankful for the company I now work for. This is what they sent out yesterday afternoon:

Team <$Company>,

We are deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic incident that took place in the Yonge Street and Finch Avenue area in Toronto. We continue to monitor the situation, but as of now, are hearing all <$Company> employees are accounted for.

Our thoughts are with all the victims and families of those affected.

Please know that <$Company> has resources in place to help you and your family cope with stress and anxiety. The attached support material from our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) include strategies for handling difficult situations.

Immediate and confidential EFAP services are also available to you 24/7 by calling…


Schoolhouse Rock Writer, Bob Dorough

I still remember so many of his pieces - ‘3-6-9’, ‘Conjunction Junction’, etc. I have Schoolhouse Rock on DVD - I may need to pull it out tonight…


Wow. I just bought some of the Schoolhouse Rock episodes on Vudu last week. Vudu has them separated into 3 “seasons”. My buddy has them all on a single DVD, though.

Man, small world.


Regarding the van attack, unfortunately it’s another example of when someone wants to hurt other people, they’ll find a way to do it with whatever’s available.


He was not right in the head. There is video of him getting out of the van and aggressively pointing something at a police officer and when he wasn’t shot, tried to act more aggressive. He was telling the officer to shoot him in the head, saying he had a gun in his pocket. At some point, the officer figured out that this was a “suicide by cop” and put his own gun away. He then approached the driver who put his hands up and lay down for the arrest. The guy killed 10 people just as pretext to get the attention of the police so they would kill him.

Coward. I’m going to say it. It’s obvious that he is mentally ill. I hate that this happens, and that the more it happens, people see that it is a viable solution.


And the more people decide more control over people is the answer rather than simply helping those who need help.


We just found out that one of the victims was one of our employees. :cry:


Oh, I’m so sorry, @TechnoMistress! It’s awful enough when everyone is a stranger, but even worse when it’s someone you know.





My dad, last week.
Thank you for any condolences in advance. No need to post them here.

I had POA for his affairs, am one of 2 trustees for his estate, and the sole beneficiary of said estate. There are family members living in the same city, but I have to deal with ALL of the details now from 2 provinces away.

The largest issue is getting the second trustee (who nobody seems to know) to sign a renunciation of probate document so that I can be the sole trustee. Otherwise, anything that needs to be signed has to come to me first, then to her, then back to the lawyer. Also, I am getting a different lawyer to handle the affairs, so I have to wait until I have the death certificates in hand before I can even get them to request the will from the original source. I know what’s in it. I just need someone official to execute it all.


As if you don’t already have carp to deal with, here is the weight of phonebooks of paperwork.


Margot Kidder, the Lois Lane many of us grew up knowing, 69.


I met her at a con about five or six years ago. She was absolutely lovely to the fans (what few there were - the con sucked big time for attendance) and took the time to wander around and browse Artists’ Alley, which very few guests do.



This is an advanced RIP notice, but the servers for Runescape Classic will be shut down on August 6th. Jagex says that they’re seeing more and more bugs appear and the development tools they have now are not compatible with it any more, so they’re giving people a heads up to enjoy a last few months. They don’t want to keep it running and have an unrecoverable game-breaking bug take it down.


Pong paddle goes dark.


My step grandad heart issues, passed at home asleep a couple days after starting hospice care.

It’s funny, my wife and my daughter, as well as my mother all had “family” relationships while to me he was more of an acquaintance. They got married while I was in the service and I’ve never really fit in with that side of the family anyway. I think it’s the way he welcomed them into the family. I was already there, so in theory didn’t need welcoming.