RIP Thread


And many go, “They still existed???”


Net neutrality - All internet traffic is not to be treated the same. :cry:


Frickin’ Idjit puppet pie. He totally comes off like a smug asshole, IMHO.
There is a movie quote about someone needing a beating, but I can’t remember it at the moment. But it applies.

Edit: That guy is a lying sack of steaming rhino dung.

TL:DR - RR doesn’t like the FCC guy.


Dude, that’s an insult to rhino dung.


Yeah. At least rhino dung can be used to fertilize your garden.


You’re probably old enough to remember this…

(@Nabiki too)


I am. But you can totally have all the Bud Light. I don’t drink that swill.


Me neither, but they have some good commercials. I’ve found that Anheuser Busch products give me a headache, which is too bad because Michelob Ultra isn’t bad.


Yes it is.


LMAO, well, there are worse alternatives.


I’m not a fan of a 1934 regulation being pressed into service to regulate the internet. Just as with so many things in the last 20 years, Congress isn’t doing it’s job so the loudest voice in the President’s ear, Obama’s and then Trump’s, makes the decision and it’s pushed through.

This isn’t how it’s supposed to work. No more than the the Clean Water changes made a few years ago, or any number of other issues. We have a body that is supposed to create the laws, the way to fix this is to force them to do their jobs, instead of voting according to litmus tests like guns or abortion, or being tough on crime.

(Edit, removed sidetrack)

The real death here is the death of being a nation of laws, we’re now a nation of rulings and regulatory control.


Jonghyun from SHINee - I don’t know what to say. :cry:

BBC article


Oh My, Dick Enberg, 82

the family became concerned when he didn’t arrive on his flight to Boston on Thursday and that he was found dead at his home in La Jolla, a San Diego neighborhood, with his bags packed for a trip to see his third grandchild for the first time.



Nyeeh, what’s up, Doc?

Yup, Bugs Bunny’s animator died. Bob Givens, at 99.


Whenever I see that someone passed away at 99, I think, “Couldn’t they have stubborned it out for the X number of months to hit 100?” I know it’s not reasonable, but… oh, sooooo close!


He died before achieving his final form.


No one’s died yet, but things aren’t looking good for a couple of characters in Bloom County. Start here and click on the “Previous” arrow to go to the next comic. (Newer comic strips are listed as “previous” strips.) Pay close attention to the December 29th comic.


The Buffalo Bills playoff drought.


Jerry Van Dyke, 86. I always saw Luther on Coach as a spiritual successor to Coach from Cheers

John Young, 87


I think at one point, Dick Van Dyke said his brother was funnier than he was.