RIP Thread


Fats Domino - I’m going to have to go listen to some of his music now. :frowning:


I binged on Soap several years ago when I had a summer off school, a lot of time off the summer job(s), and Cable in my bedroom. It actually held up reasonably well at the time: I feel like it’s in a category of TV that fans of Arrested Development would probably like, as long as you can handle that it’s a product of the era it came out in.


Papa Bill, my stepdad’s dad. He was a crusty, tough Navy vet who’d been a carrier catapult chief in the Vietnam era. While Grandma made it clear which grandson was the one true heir (my younger half-brother), Papa Bill never treated us any differently. He set up my first savings account–and then helped me loot it to buy my first computer.

It was unexpected, but dude was getting on in years and not inclined to slow down much, so not entirely surprising.


I’m sorry for your loss, but glad you have good memories of him.


Mel Tillis - So I guess he got down his fiddle and rosened up the bow.


Wasn’t that Charlie Daniels?

Either way… Rest in peace, Mel!


Thos lyrics appear in a lot of fiddle songs. I was thinking of Louisiana Saturdy Night in particular.


Ahah! I did not know that. Thanks for the info.


I got my Mels mixed up. Louisiana Saturday Night was Mel McDaniel, not Mel Tillis. Nonetheless, Mel Tillis will be missed.


Charles Manson - Dead of natural causes, unlike his victims.


An obituary to read with pleasure.


AC/DC rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young, 64


I’m getting tired of reporting that good singers have died.

Della Reese


An idol from my childhood has passed away.
David Cassidy
I was never one of the screaming fans, though. I liked the Partridge Family as a group, not so much him individually.


Jim Nabors - Well, surprise, surprise, surprise. I didn’t know he was still around.


Aww, dang. I knew he was still around but not doing terribly well. He used to sing the Indiana state song at the Indy500.
Aaand I just saw in the link that the photo is of him at the race.


I think he stopped doing it a couple years ago due to his health.

Honorary Marine.


RIP random homeless guy, found in our local park last night. No name released yet, but the homeless problem is really starting to get bad over here.


Johnny Hallyday - I was introduced to his music in my high school French Class. :frowning:


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