RIP Thread


Jerry Pournelle

He was one of the authors I read growing up :frowning:


That sucks, Larry Corriea was talking about finally meeting him. Died of ConCrud?


Stanislav Petrov - Apparently he was instrumental in preventing nuclear war back in the '80s.


Hef, 91


Tissues are being brought out for an entirely different reason today.


I started watching the American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story docudrama on Amazon Prime last night on my new TV. The first scene was with nude women in glorious 4K/HDR. :slight_smile:


That’s quite a bit beyond the joke Jeff Foxworthy used to tell about the Victoria’s Secret catalogs: “Pictures of women in their underwear delivered right to your door. God bless America.”


Monty Hall - My mom use to love this guy.

To this day, though his name (spelled Monty Haul) still means too much treasure in a campaign…


Victims of Las Vegas shooting.

Oh, my God. 50 dead so far, over 400 injured. :cry:


I politely suggested someone was playing in that style online recently (and it’s not a wrong style, as long as you understand it’s going to cause changes) and got a response that was basically, “No, it’s not a Monty Haul game, the PC fairly obtained that world-economy-crashing amount of gold and used it to create several magical items that break the rules of the setting we’re in. How do I fix this, without taking stuff away from the player?”

I was unable to respond. You make your bed, you have to eat it. or some other malapropism.

(For the record, the ‘broken setting’ rules were for Ravenloft, a setting that historically has a lot of ‘world rules’ that are there to make it at least somewhat spooooooky and shouldn’t be broken without good reason.)


It’s not looking good for Tom Petty

Yeah, he’s gone. :frowning:


And after finishing the 40th Anniversary Tour last Monday too.

His music had an enormous impact on my musical tastes. 2017 just got a little bleaker.


I grew up listening to Tom Petty, and so did my kids. I still regularly listen to his “Best of” album.

In the Las Vegas shooting, the shooter had multiple clips for his automatic rifle, so yeah, lots of people are going to die in that situation.
I cannot comprehend why people like this need to take innocent people with them when they commit suicide.

Sad day indeed.

Is it too much to hope for that people won’t use this for political grandstanding?

Another Gun Free Zone that isn't

Anybody heard of Joe Dever? He it was who created the world of Lone Wolf and Sommerlund.

Sadly, he passed away on the 30th of November 2016.

For Sommerlund and the Kai!



Y.A. Tittle, 90

I was surprised to learn he hadn’t passed previously.

In addition to his legendary career, he was the subject of one of the most iconic photos in NFL history (seen at the top of the linked article).


I guess Gord Downie is no longer Tragically Hip.


Astronaut Paul Weitz - I hope our space program lives a long, long life, though.


Robert Guillaume

I know him mostly from Benson (yep, showing my age there) and from Half-Life 2, though those 2 are small parts of his very impressive list of achievements.


I forgot he was on “Soap” as well.
That was a funny show!
“Benson” was a spinoff.


Soap was a bit before my time but I do vaguely recall Benson