RIP Thread


That’s why it’s RIP, kids. Don’t care about the selfish @#$% who hanged himself. :angry:

Edit: The mother is who everyone at work is doing fundraisers and such for. I’ve heard that she has to pay for the autopsies. That is just messed up.


That’s worse than messed up. If my kids died in those circumstances then I wouldn’t want an autopsy done as it would seem like a violation. If the authorities decide have to do one then a) I’d be fighting against it and b) I sure as hell would not be paying for them to violate my kids’ bodies.


Wow, sounds like he went from 0-100 in one day.

I’d hate to work in CPS. One one hand you’re taking kids that were across the street from their house at the park, on the other you’ve left a kid in a deadly situation. And you have to make the right call every time or it’s a mess.


Looks like enough will be raised for the autopsies plus between the Go Fund Me page, the root-beer float fundraiser, and today’s pizza fundraiser. The poor woman shouldn’t have to worry about that stuff on top of losing her family.


No one has mentioned Stephen Furst, well known for Animal House, St. Elsewhere, and Babylon 5?


Awww… I liked Vir. :frowning:


He got some great lines, especially when he became the one guy (that we saw) who realized how crazy his people had gone.

I recently started listening to a podcast that’s reviewing B5 episode by episode, and it’s kind of weird how poorly the main cast for that show is doing.


Not Flounder!


Claudia Christian is still hot. (And so is Patricia Tallman.)

But yeah, the cast does seem to be departing this mortal coil at far too quickly a rate! :frowning:


Joan Lee, Stan Lee’s other half has passed away.


Martin Landau, who I will always think of as Koenig from Space 1999

Edit: Adding a couple more
Maryam Mirzakhani, winner of the Field medal

George A. Romero, creator of Night of the Living Dead


I wouldn’t mind going out listening to the soundtrack of The Quiet Man.

I’d rather be watching it, but suits. I love that movie.


June Foray missed her 100th birthday by just two months yesterday. One of the most important actors in the field of voice acting, especially at a time when some of the animation studios only gave credit to one actor like Mel Blanc, or none at all. Some of her roles:

  • Rocky the Flying Squirrel
  • Granny from the Warner Bros. cartoons
  • Witch Hazel
  • Betty Rubble
  • Talky Tina the doll from The Twilight Zone
  • Cindy Lou Who
  • Raggedy Ann
  • Magica De Spell

Was also on several shows in the golden age of radio and frequently worked with Stan Freberg.


Glen Campbell - I grew up on this guy’s music. :cry:

/me wanders off to listen to the old 4 record set that I ripped to MP3 a while back…


There’s an encore presentation tonight of “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me” on HLN TV at 9pm ET. It’s the documentary of his final tour that shows his struggles. The CNN article Nabiki linked to said this:

During the “Ghost” tour, there were times he would forget lyrics or find himself suddenly unfamiliar with a chord change. The audience urged him on, singing the song and guiding him back into the groove.

On the page for the documentary, there’s a link for a short video titled “Glen has become unrehearsable”. Repetition helped him learn and re-learn what was being taken away by the Alzheimer’s, but there was a bit of “you have to do it my way” shown in there.


Yeah, I grew up with his music too. I still really like a lot of his songs - particularly Galveston and Wichita Lineman, both of which feature in my favourite songs list.


I caught most of the documentary. It was really amazing to see him doing as well as he did on the tour. He had to use a teleprompter to help him with the lyrics and sometimes he’d just go off on tangents or make up new lyrics and variations. Had reading comprehention been taken away from him, maybe he couldn’t do it.

One person said that there were people who were expecting the tour to be a “stock car race”, meaning that they’d see Glen crash, but most went because they knew it was something they’d never be able to see ever again. What they also got to see is someone who had music as such a core part of their life that it allowed them to have a better connection to the other parts of their brain that the disease was attacking.

Brad Paisley was interviewed for the film and said that his grandmother has Alzheimer’s and his great-grandmother probably had it. He’s expecting that he and his mother will both get it when they reach that same age since it runs in the family.


Jerry Lewis - I remember watching the Nutty Professor on TV when I was a kid. It wasn’t that funny to me, but it’s a classic.


Jay Thomas, aka Guy Edward LeBec, aka the guy who always threw the football at the meatball on Letterman’s Christmas tree on the last show before the holiday, 69.


Taniguchi Sumiteru - Survivor of the Nagasaki atomic bomb