RIP Thread


Ed Whitlock, Canadian running legend, 86

Only person over the age of 70 to run a sub-3-hour marathon, and ran sub-4:00 last fall at the age of 85.


Chuck Berry, 90


I had no idea he was still around. I guess was closer to ‘sweet little sixteen’ than I thought when he had all of those hits.


David Rockefeller - 101. I hope I live that long.


Probably dakson’s involvement in Cub Scouts, just shy of 3 years.

I haz a big sad on this one, for many reasons.


I’m assuming this isn’t because he’s moving on to Webelos/Boy Scouts? IIRC he’s not old enough for that yet.


He was to receive his webelos rank next Monday. But no, it had nothing to do with him.


Don Rickles - 90 isn’t a bad age to go.


Thanks to my mother and my wife, my lack of embarrassment about my cub scout activities from the mid-late 80s will rest in peace.

…That’s perhaps a bit too tortured an attempt to fit the thread and respond to Dakboy.

Anyway, my parents are moving, and cleaning out old stuff, some of which I thought had been thrown out years ago. This included my cub scout shirt, several scarves (the dog is going to wear those, I think) and various “mom stuff” including a decade or two of report cards.

We also found something that reminded me of a recent comment from msualexis… A school project that was collecting a bunch of family stuff and had both my mother’s maiden name and my social security number…


Any chance you could snap a pic of those items and send it to me? I don’t think they’ve changed significantly but if they have, one of the pins our kids are going to be working on next year deals with Scouting history and it might be cool to have an example of an older version of something they wear.

And so it turns out that Dakson’s Cub Scouting will go on, but minus a few faces in the Pack. It’s been nearly 2 months since things went sideways but we’re putting the pieces back together.


I’ll try to. Do you want it on the dog or not?

I’m a rabid non-joiner, and I admit there’s some issues with the politicized elements, but not he whole I think e various scouting organizations (cub, boy’s, girls, whatever) are a net positive.


Preferably off the dog. I suspect they haven’t changed much.

The BSA and GSA are very different organizations. From what I’ve seen/heard about the GSA I kind of prefer their model as it’s not as wrapped up in religion as the BSA is (our Pack sidesteps it entirely - any religion-based requirements, we leave to the individual families and if you come back and say you did the requirements, we take it at face value. I know we have a few atheists in the Pack and we don’t bat an eye), but lately I’m hearing that Girl Scouts is becoming all about selling the cookies.


My youngest spent half a dozen meetings making bad day care art projects (“Bird Feeders” made of white glue and some sunflower seeds on a piece of paper, “Birthday Cards” made of beads and feathers, potato stamping projects, and some repeats over time. For which we sold thousands of dollars of cookies as a troop, I think the leader just pocketed it.

My wife and I want to start up a troop, we could do more impromptu in our backyard than these girls have done before. But, time…


J. Geils died at age 71. Time to listen to “Insane, Insane Again”.


Dave’s Mom, 95


Charlie Murphy, 57, of leukimia

I didn’t even know he was sick. Some watching of Chapelle’s Show is in order tonight.


Pittsburgh Steelers owner/chairman Dan Rooney, 84


Erin Moran, known for her role as Joanie from Happy Days.


Robert M. Pirsig, author of ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’


Jonathan Demme, director of Silence of the Lambs