RIP Thread


Matsuno Rina - 18 is just too young to go.


Taniguchi Jiro, mangaka

He was quite prolific, though I’m sorry to say I haven’t read any of his works.


Benny Perrin, one of the former NFL players who was part of a class-action lawsuit against the NFL regarding concussions, killed himself Monday be shooting himself in the head. Details on the MSN site.

Stay tuned for details on how Kim Jong-nam died. He’s the half-brother of Kim Jong-un and didn’t get along with other parts of the family.


Apparently he said he had a chemical sprayed in his face before he died.

And on the NFL thing, on one hand, these guys were screwed over, and they NFL should take care of them, on the other hand, the way the legal system works you aren’t allowed to admit any guilt unless you are willing to take on all of it. And on the gripping hand… you could say these players made a heads up decision to exchange their youth and health for a legacy.

In any case, the union should step up and help these guys. You shouldn’t have the retirees of a union that represents more income than several countries dying like this.


Perrin played in the early 80s, before anyone really knew the effects of the game on the brain. While I agree with your statement with regard to players entering football (at any level) in the past 10-15 years, 30-40 years ago, the information just wasn’t there.

the union should step up and help these guys

Can’t argue there.

You shouldn’t have the retirees of a union that represents more income than several countries dying like this.

I don’t know if players from 35 years ago are covered much, if at all, under the current union contracts. And bear in mind that back then, the average player’s salary and the money in the NFLPA’s coffers was a lot less - Jim McMahon made $600K in 1985 and he was the highest-paid player on Da Bears. The rookie minimum in 2015 was $435K.


If the union is really about the players they should be taking the union dues and putting a fund together. If it’s just a business like most unions end up being, then they can sit on that.

And yeah, start playing football 5 years later and you’re golden. As far as not knowing it’s bad for you in the 80’s; people have been playing contact sports for centuries, it’s pretty much a given that getting your bell rung on a regular basis is going to have an effect. It’s like the people in the 50’s who “didn’t know” smoking was bad for them.

And even though the $435k sounds like a lot, average player plays like 3 years? 500-700k, 5 kids and brain damage is no way to go into your late 20’s.

They need to back off the padding and the bracing. Dudes won’t lead with their heads if it hurts when they hit.


That’s it man! Game over, man! Game Over!

Jeebus this one sucks. Bill Paxton, 61. Complications from surgery.


Awww… :frowning: I remember being surprised when I went back and watched the original Terminator, and he was the guy that Arnold took the clothes from.


He’s one of two people who’ve been killed by a Terminator, a Predator and a Xenomorph (Lance Henriksen being the other).


Judge Joseph Wapner, 97


Holy crap! He was still alive???


That was my reaction as well.


Rest in peace, Bill. :cry:


Neil Fingleton too… How the Mighty (Mag) have fallen…


A friend of mine that I’ve known for ~20 years, and worked with for a good chunk of them.

Wally, you will be sadly missed. The world is a darker and more dreary place without your crazy smile and booming laugh.


I’m sorry for your loss, @Viking


Condolences, that sux.


Murray Ball

Creator of the Footrot Flats cartoon - which I grew up with.



I absolutely love his cartoons.


Sorry to hear this mate.