RIP Thread


Henry Heimlich, 96


And the hits keep on coming.

Zsa Zsa Gabor, 99

Sounds like she had a pretty rough final decade.


Why do the good and memorable people go first, and the bad ones remain? :frowning:


At this particular die off, it’s everyone. We’re here for a childhood hero die off of epic proportions.

Every star of every epic western or gritty detective movie from the 70’s is older than shit. They are going to continue to die at this rate or faster for the next half dozen years.


Pity it doesn’t include useless and bad politicians…


I had a similar thought the other day. Celebrities really started “happening” in the 20s & 30s, with a huge growth once radio was ubiquitous, followed quickly by TV. And then of course film.

I swear, if 2016 takes Betty White, Mel Brooks or Bob Newhart from us, I’m going to ragequit the year.


Going to the other end of the scale, Kirk Douglass just celebrated his 100th birthday. The article talked about him making jokes about not knowing who the people talking about him were.


And he looks better now than he did a couple years ago. Sheer cussedness. And he really has dialed it back since the 70’s, in comparison to say, Mr. Connery, who has now dialed it back because he’s no longer all there from what I hear.


Is no one safe? George Michael, 53


I saw that. It’s like we were all so focused on Carrie Fisher that 2016 snuck in and took George Michael instead. No bueno.


Last Christmas.


Too soon… Too soon… :yum:


Oh, the Jedi are going to feel this one


Yeah, I just saw that, too…

So, not so much instead, but too.


More sad news :frowning:


2016 can fuck right off.


“Drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra” :frowning2:


Because of course you don’t wear bras in space.


Son of a bitch!

Debbie Reynolds, 84


I almost don’t even want to watch the news or get on fb anymore…