RIP Thread

Dusty Hill.
Age 72, he had been with ZZ Top for more than 50 years.


Ron Popeil, staple of 80s & 90s infomercials, 86

I hate to say, but he’s in my “I thought they were already dead” category.

Markie Post, Ms. Christine Sullivan of Night Court, 70

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Andrew Cuomo’s career in NY politics


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Not my favorite band by far, but still a loss.

Charlie Watts, drummer for the Stones

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Ed Asner, show business legend, 91

According to the article, he was one of only two surviving cast members of The Mary Tyler Moore show, alongside Betty White (we must protect her at all costs!).


She’s about to turn 100 is she not?

Yes, next January.

John Amos played Gordy for 3 or 4 years. He’s still around.

Sadly, we will not get to see Willard Scott wish himself a happy 100th birthday.

Kumoko, aka Ku-chan. She was only 15, but her best prognosis was heart failure, followed by cancer or sepsis.


My condolences… :frowning:

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Apparently British comedian Sean Lock succumbed to lung cancer back on August 16th. I always enjoyed him on the various panel shows I’d periodically get on a kick of watching.

I’m sorry you lost your friend, Nabiki. :frowning:

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Oh no. Im so so sorry. I love all of your kitties and seeing any of them pass breaks my heart.

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She was so sweet too. She purred her little chirpy purr all the way up to the end.


This breaks my heart, she was always so so sweet.

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Actor Michael K. Williams, known for The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Lovecraft Country, and others.