RIP Thread

Rip Taylor, 84

Slugger. Slugbeast. Slugman. Slug. Bestest doggie of all time.:sob:

hugs I’m so sorry. hugs

So sorry to hear that. hugs

My condolences on your loss. :frowning:

We lost ElGee tonight


He will be missed. I’m glad he thought of us and sent us a note. :cry:

That was taken from Facebook

I’m going to assume it was expected to be spread to the online communities he was part of. After all, you forwarded it on to us.

I never interacted with him, but I’m offering my condolences to friends and family.

I’ll admit that I made an assumption there. I asked permission to share the previous update (last month and got an emphatic “yes”, so I assumed the same would hold with this.

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Oh, man, so sorry to hear of his passing.

There are very few “good” ways to go, but the ones that rob you of your life over time like that really suck.

Three actors passed away this weekend:

Ron Leibman, whom you may remember as Dr. Leonard Green on Friends.

Rene Auberjonois, Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the original Father Mulcahy in MASH and many more.

Carol Spinney, puppeteer for Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.

Oh, I liked Rene Auberjonois. :cry:

Oh no Big Bird and Oscar where my favorites when i was little. The loss makes me so sad.

He began training his Big Bird replacement many years ago. Holding one arm straight up in the air to work the head/mouth isn’t easy on the body, and he wasn’t getting any younger, so they started preparing for the transition early and slowly. There was a great documentary on him - his life and that role - that I saw on Amazon a few years ago.
Found it!

It was free with Prime when I saw it, but sadly, isn’t now.

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I was meaning to watch it back when it was free on Prime a few years back, but might have to give it a rent now.

It would be worth a rent. In a couple parts, the childhood memories really come flooding back. When I watched it, I only meant to preview the first few minutes, then queue it for later if it was good, but I got rapt up in it and stayed up later than indented to watch the whole thing.

I was 4 years old when Sesame Street first aired and my mom says I watched the premier episode live.

I was set to watch the Carroll Spinney documentary a few years back figuring it was something I could watch with my then ten-year-old daughter, but she stated that she hated Big Bird and refused to watch it so I found something else to watch.