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Peter Fonda

Robert Mugabe

TBH I thought he died a year or two ago. I’m guessing no one in Zimbabwe is really sad, though, except maybe a few fellow PF-ZANU party members.

Mandela effect?

This echos my general feelings here.


He stepped down a couple of years ago, IIRC with much resistance.

Yep. He did not want to go, but some gentle persuasion by the army etc made him step down.

Heh heh.

When my local news reported this on Facebook, there were some comments along the lines of “he was a hero” and “saviour of Zimbabwe”… I wonder where that comes from, other than his own political party. As far as I could tell, he was a dictator who lived in luxury while he ruined the economy with his half-baked schemes that did little to provide for his countryfolk.

Spot on, yet we have people here who will do their best to deny reality.


That’s the way I understand it as well. Kind of like the African Kim Jong Un.


Public perception can be strange. For the past couple of days, different networks have been playing shows relating to the 9/11 attacks. The one about the hunt for bin Laden showed parts where people considered him a hero, and I think one I saw a while back said he had a lot of philantrophy and infrastructure building efforts before he started focusing on terrorism.

That first one also had info on him justifying an early bombing as “they weren’t in the Mosque like they should have been, so I did them a favor by killing them”, even though there were women and children that were killed, a violation of what’s laid out in their religious text. Any time you start classifying people by whether or not they are a “true” believer, they’ll always fall short because they’re human, and the ones doing the classifying and judging conveniently use that as their justification even though they’d also fall short if they were similarly judged.

For other people, it’s the passage of time that grants them a favorable light in the eyes of history. Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller weren’t saints, but there’s favorable parts of their life. Bill Gates will probably be the same way via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other efforts.

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The mother of 3 boys my son was in Scouts with (one has left Scouts, the other 2 are in a different unit now) lost her many years long fight with Lupus on Wednesday. 4 kids between 14 and 7 or 8. Her oldest son had to grow up way too soon to take care of his younger siblings.

She fought like hell, and I never once heard her husband utter a complaint about their situation. We’d see her at meetings after being discharged from the hospital earlier the same day. She had good days, bad days, and in between days. But somehow, they had those kids at every Scout event, every Little League game, everything they signed up for, they were there without fail. I have yet to figure out how.

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Words fail me. I do hope she left a lasting impression on her kids.

We lost a friend to lupus a while ago. They had a son. Husband committed suicide first, and eventually the wife succumbed to lupus.

Poor kid. Don’t know what happened to him.

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Eddie Money at age 70 from esophageal cancer. While best known for “Two Tickets To Paradise” and “Take Me Home Tonight”, my favorite has always been “Peace In Our Time”. If you’re not familiar with it, consider giving it a listen.

Esophogeal cancer is one of the worst ones, from what I’ve gathered. A guy I worked with a long time ago had it and both the disease and the treatments just consumed him.

Aaand Ric Ocasek from the Cars on Sunday

My friend Kim, 51.

Fuck cancer.


I’m so sorry for your loss. I agree. Fuck cancer.


Ookly condolences on the loss of your friend.

Im so sorry. FUCK CANCER