Retooling the CoG

Have done a pretty significant update of the CoG’s structure—the first in a long, long time. Last major change was actually adding CSS in 2012 instead of doing everything straight in the HTML files like a fool. This time, I’ve simplified the design, collapsed the 41(!!!) pages of tickets down to eight, added a lazyload javascript on each of those eight pages to maybe save a bit on bandwidth, and converted the gifs to pngs and shaved about 50% off their size in the process.

Also changed everything over from .htm to .html and made the design fully responsive, so it should look better (or at least “better”) on mobile.

Please let me know if you guys see anything horribly broken or acting weird!


Dude, waaaay faster! Not that I look at the tickets all that often, but I still point people that way sometimes.

Yah… much more responsive.

I can’t go through them all… I’ve read them so often they’re worn out!

That’s what she said.

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