Repeatable checklist app?

Anyone have a recommendation for checklist software that lets you create reusable checklists?

Use case: As we learn more about and prepare for hitting the road with our camper this year, we’re creating inventories and task lists that we’ll need to review and complete on a regular basis. My “pre-flight checklist” just for making sure truck & trailer are road-ready is approaching 50 items already!

So what I’d like to do is have an app where I can enter the tasks, keep them sorted in the order I decide, and check them off as they’re completed. Once we’ve completed the trip, we reset the whole thing so it’s ready for the next time around.

This can’t be a web-only tool - it needs to work offline.

Platform: Windows (Surface) or iOS (if iOS, macOS would be a plus but not required). Sync with other devices/accounts is a nice-to-have but not required (obviously this would require an internet connection)

And now that I’ve written this out, I’ve discovered that Reminders on iOS lets me bulk-select and toggle items (damn you, undiscoverable gestures!) which just might make the whole thing doable with just that app.

But hey…if folks have other app recommendations, I’m all ears. I’m still kind of favoring the Windows app idea because it would mean I could just hand the Surface to one of the kids and say “ok, check things off as we complete and call them out.” Because I sure as hell don’t want to be fumbling with my phone right after I’ve finished flushing the sewage tank and hose.

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I think about this sort of thing sometimes because I have certain tasks that must be done on a regular (e.g. weekly, monthly) basis but not necessarily scheduled… They just have to happen, and I can forget about them sometimes.

I use Google Keep - if I’m offline I can still use it; it just doesn’t sync across all my devices.

I think you can sort of do this with Trello, but ONLY with the mobile versions (iOS/Android). There ARE Windows/Mac clients for it but those don’t have the offline functionality, they require a constant connection.

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I also need something like this, but something which will also keep a trial of what I’ve done, so I can present this when doing KPI evaluations.


No idea if it’s available in Apple-land, but it runs on Android. You can use and re-user lists, and it also lets people synch up a calendar - great thing if you and the Mrs. want to keep track of what you’re both doing.