Remember the chant? Quit, quit, quit, quit!

I think I’m scared… :wink:

In 11 more hours, I will be free!

I’ve never actually seen the movie, but who hasn’t heard that sound bite a hundred times?

7 more hours (counting real hours now, not work hours), hopefully less!

He’s so short he can drink it here and piss it at home.

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Five more hours… Hopefully less. I’ve finished my exit interview and paperwork, there’s a lunch for me at noon. I can’t think of a good reason to stick around after that.

What are they going to do, fire you for leaving early?

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Exactly! My queue is wrapped up, there’s nothing left for me to do. It’s an hour 'til the lunch, though.

I’m free! I’m free!

My (former) boss said that they might contact me for some SQL piece work now and then, which is fine with me. :slight_smile:


Congratulations!! :smiley: Belated, but still!

(Can you believe it’s been over ten years now since we chanted that chant? Twelve, actually. My niece, for whom I quit that horrible job, just turned twelve last month!)

WAY TO GO! I have not been happier since I officially and FINALLY retired in January to write full time. Of course, I got bored two minutes in which explains the rescue kitten and rescue dog. I’m sure you can tell by my posts that I’m a nurturer. I’ll wait while you finish laughing. Enjoy your down time and recharge your batteries. I hope something fantastic comes from it.

< ---- Envy

Congrat, though… especially since it is what you wanted to do. Enforced unemployment, not so good. Chosen? It’s nice.

It hasn’t sunk in yet. It’s Monday, and I’m up at my usual time. The difference will be felt when I’m drinking my tea when it’s time to leave, and even more when I head out the door with some friends for a day in San Francisco.


Congrats, Nabiki. You made it out the door.

Now go and enjoy your new found freedom!

I am. Oh, I am. :smiley:

Yesterday was a ton of fun, spending all day in San Francisco doing fun stuff in good company. Today I’m buckling down and getting stuff done around the house. The kitchen is cleaner than it’s been in months, my couch covers are in the washer, and I even got my cutting boards oiled.

Now to spend a few hours playing video games. :stuck_out_tongue:


After returning to work yesterday after a week of leave, I’m a bit jelly.

I’m having a great time. My house is cleaner than it’s been in months. I’m walking more, since the grocery is less than a mile from home and I have the time. Food is fresher, since I go every couple of days instead of once a week.

I’m going to go slice up some bison roasts in a while and put them in some marinade. Tomorrow I’ll turn them into jerky. :smiley:


Super nice! Although I miss the money we could have saved and the ESOP shares I missed earning, those four years I “quit” were some of the happiest in my life. Enjoy!!!

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I’m enjoying it very much. I will have to get some sort of income eventually, but I’m enjoying the time off right now too much to worry about it yet. :smiley:

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Congrats! And enjoy!

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I actually enjoy life after like 4 years. NO MORE TROUBLESHOOTING!! :smiley: I still have my life, people who need my advice but I’m drunk when I give it!! :smiley: