Remember Surge?

Remember Surge? It was originally available back in the 90s, but was discontinued in 2001 (without warning to fans, of course). It was similar to Mountain Dew, with a distinctive flavor.

Well, Amazon has it on sale, for a limited time.

Almost tempting. But a bit pricey.

It’s okay. As of a minute ago, they only had 2 left in stock.

$42 for a 12-pack is a bit steep for a “back by popular demand” product. If anything, you should be selling it for less than your typical 12-pack to get it back into the market. This smells like a scam to me.

Except I’ve seen quite a few things like this. It’s almost a Kickstarter idea, if 20 people will pay $40 for it in 24 hours, then 5,000 will pay $10 for it in a month, or something like that.

For me, $40 is too high for a joke purchase. At $20 I might have jumped.

And for just a moment I thought this thread was about the art dealer in Beverly Hills Cop.


The only reason I made the correlation from the title is that a couple guys I know through Ingress bought some a few months ago. (Geez, that was summer… where has the time gone?)


Surge is known as Urge around here and has never gone out of sale here.

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