Red "Reply" Button Fail?

I’m having trouble using the red “Reply” button at the bottom of a thread. It wasn’t working last night, and it doesn’t appear to be working today. I’m using Chrome on a MacBook, for what it’s worth. Anyone else having trouble? I think @MSUAlexis said it wasn’t working for her, either. (Tagging @Lee_Ars, in case it just requires some administrator magic. :crystal_ball:)

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I can reply to a previous comment – I just can’t reply to the thread.

The other buttons next to the reply button work fine.

Using Firefox on Windows 7 and I’m havening the same problem.

Yep. It’s broken. I’m sure Lee will be around soon to see if there’s a new update that will fix it.

Works now!

Not sure why it was broken, but as @Nabiki predicted, I updated to the latest code and the problem was solved as if by magic!


It works! This post proves it. :see_no_evil:

Thanks, @Lee_Ars! :smiley: