Random Musings (and associated non sequiturs) v. 3.0


I mowed the front lawn yesterday afternoon. Six bags on the curb, but it ended up being more leaves than grass. I’m not looking forward to tackling the back yard.


I just got the first of many cups of coffee this morning. On the plus side traffic was light on the way into work today. Wondering if those who could took the day off.



I’m pleased that they correctly put daylight saving time, rather than daylight savingS time.


Indiana was Daylight Scourge Time free for most of the time I lived here. I went to Hawaii for three years, which is also sensible.

A few years ago, right about the time it really doesn’t matter anymore they finally did it. Complaining about how trucking companies and businesses couldn’t keep track of what time it was here, right at the same time everyone started carrying a personal data assistant on their hip or in their pocket.

I loathe it. I feel all wonky for at least two months a year.

I found an article that talked about the additional heart attacks, car accidents, industry deaths, and monetary costs of having your work force merely present instead of engaged. It also really messes with pets, feeding times are an hour later or earlier and everyone’s rhythms are all out of whack.

LOATHE, and I had preschool duty at church Sunday morning… That was just awesome. (Actually it was since I like the kids, but I’d rather have been doing it an hour later after a real shower and breakfast.


The World Wide Web turns 30 today.

$Deity bless Sir Tim Berners-Lee.


Cashier: ‘How are you today?’

Me: (mad scientist voice) ‘Alive!’

Cashier: ‘You scared me half to death.’

Me: (medium evil voice) ‘I’ll try for the other half next time.’

I like to make other people’s days just a little more surreal. :smile:


It would be better if it had the Girl Genius logo on it or even Agatha herself, but a “Fools! I will destroy you all! Ask me how!” T-shirt is available from OffWorld Designs.


ME: Homicidal.


I’ve used that.

Special occasion.


Mr. TF got me that shirt. :slight_smile:

The only downside to wearing that shirt is “clever” people who do ask. They are usually less than thrilled as I describe one of my many plans…