Random Musings (and associated non sequiturs) v. 3.0


There ain’t a problem that I can’t fix.
Cause I can do it in the mix.


Nothing like getting an email from some accounting student saying that they’re going to do a fundraiser for the roommate’s family. He would soooooo hate that.


He really would!


I hear the “hrrmph” and see the sneer on his face now.


Please tell me that 2019 is going to get better. I just got my ATM card cancelled because someone was trying to purchase stuff online with it. On the good side, my credit union is awesome, and they notified me that there was unusual activity on it (I never use my ATM card for purchases) and it was declined. I’ll be getting a new card on Wednesday.


There are accounts on Youtube that just read out ‘interesting’ stories from Reddit. WTF?


There are bot accounts on Reddit that do text-to-speech of posts and then post a comment with a link to the MP3.


And I blame these for my.newest addiction. r/entitledparents and r/pettyrevenge … Bah and humbug.


I don’t want this to be true.


Oh, man. Right there with ya.


What is “lamesauce”?


I’ve had an iffy sort of day. And I just found a chunk of a tortilla chip in my beard… I had chips and salsa about 5 hours ago…

I’m starting to reach maximum beard.


I woke up this morning and thought, “5:30? Wow, I really slept in!” Then I go online and am reminded that the clocks changed today, so no, I didn’t really sleep in much.


I woke up at 7:30 (new time), it’s 10 now, and my day is just evaporating in front of me.

I"m seriously stressing out here in part because of that one hour loss.


I loathe DST.


I hope that California gets rid of it soon. Last election we voted to allow us to make the choice, so now we have to vote to keep one time zone year 'round. I think the plan is to keep daylight savings time year round, but I don’t care which one it is as long as we’re not changing the clocks twice a year. It’s a pain in the a$$ and there have been enough studies showing that disrupted sleep cycles aren’t good for health, so…


Mine took six months to grow and fifteen minutes to get rid of this morning. Of course, I now desperately need a haircut.

Let’s hear it for the arrival of warmer temperatures. (Daytime highs are supposed to be above freezing for the foreseeable future.)


Amongst the studies is that the sleep you lose when the clocks are moved forward isn’t recovered when they change back. So +1 on negative health.


Glad we don’t have DST here in South Africa.




I was very impressed the dog slept in late, then realized that was only due to DST.
Got little done, but ended up spending the afternoon with a friend which I can count as mental health care.