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I think Ron Amadeo is an ass, and I’m tired of reading the inaccuracies and his opinions in his articles. Yes, the point of reading a phone review is to get the reviewer’s overall opinion, but he has an unnatural hard-on for bezel-less phone screen design - a position that is not shared by anyone I’ve talked to about phone design.


I hate dealing with 2nd and 3rd hand information, especially when I know that one of the filters is biased.


Our state’s Army and Air National Guard is supposed to use Guard Knowledge Online (GKO; based on SharePoint) for everything. When they rolled out the new(er) version of SharePoint a few years ago, they created an all new hierarchy of pages and sites and made one for basically every org in the state.

Most of them are still in their default new site state because nobody wants or needs it, nor can they easily access it (requires a CAC reader, properly configured Windows machine with obscure web site certs and trust chains, etc.). A few organizations (HR, notably) use it heavily to publish order-of-merit lists, things like that, but this is a handful of the total.

Today I received a mass e-mail notification that the entire state’s GKO site is temporarily limited to read and delete actions

until we get below our collective storage quota

of 100 GB.


Seriously? For everything?


38 years. Was it really 38 years ago today that my mom passed away? You know what? February sucks. I’m moving my birthday to May.


@sig: What Nabiki said.

@Nabiki: I’m sorry you’re havening such a crappy month. :frowning: At least it’s almost over.


Make it May 21st so we can share. :smiley:


May 26 for me. Year was “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”…


Seri-assly?? 1Tb may be a more realistic figure.


For an organization???


I wouldn’t be surprised if the content could be reduced by at least 1/3 if it wasn’t the file dump I’d bet a bottle of random alcohol from my basement it is. My current gig was creating sharepoints like crazy for a while and wondering why they were all garbage.
So much could be fixed by:

  1. Switch to putting all possible documentation in a format like HTML or related formats like markdown/wiki formatting.
  2. Make creating/maintaining documentation everyone’s responsability.
  3. Give someone (probably that guy authority to handle organization and set standards.
  4. Expect a period of chaos while everything is reformatted.
  5. Review documentation occasionally. Give credit for good new stuff or just converting old docs over.

That is a bit more for IT groups than the military, admittedly… But I bet a lot is still true.


I live exactly “War Pigs” minutes away from the grocery store. :grin:


Original version?

I saw Zac Brown & Tom Morello covered War Pigs w/ Foo Fighters the night before the Super Bowl. It was a trip. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/foo-fighters-super-bowl-atlanta-concert-789252/


Yes, the original Paranoid 8 min version. Which, btw, sounds amazing in the new Jeep. Not quite as good as in person, but I can always watch my phone videos to remind me. :grin:


Faith No More also did a cover on their 1989 album The Real Thing.


I’ve done a cover in the shower.
There are several versions.


Actually, since only a few sub-organizations use the SharePoint at all, it’s not nearly as chaotic as you would think.

Ours is not one of them. I tried, when I first started here in 2015. After six months, I was finally given the ability to upload files. I could not overwrite, edit, or delete them. I gave up trying.

The vast majority of the sites on our state’s SharePoint were created by the central IT team and have not been touched since. Our IT support has taught us not to try to use the tools they provide.


Mindscrub needed NAO


Seems as if plastic’s the new DDT.


Except banning DDT has lead to the deaths of millions of people by Malaria and other insect carried diseases.