Random Musings (and associated non sequiturs) v. 3.0


I’ve been to Five Guys once, and In-n-Out a few times (no In&Outs near me). I’d much rather go to Fuddruckers, but I don’t think they’re as widespread.


Whataburger just for the damn apple pie.


I just ordered Five Guys through Doordash for myself and my spawnling. Time to see if milkshakes will survive a delivery trip…


In-N-Out > Whataburger


I didn’t think there were any by you, so I had too look.

I know they are a Texas company (started in Corpus Christi), but the jump in location numbers is still amusing.


I get them on the way to Florida or Gulf Shores.

Never seen an In and Out.

Best places for burgers around here are owner operated joints. Whataburger is a way to celebrate almost getting where we are going.


That’s because they’re only in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and (recently) Oregon.


I do not, and never will, understand perfume/cologne commercials


I suppose if I have to look at ads from department stores when I go to a website like Not Always Right, I might as well skew the results. Let’s see. Searching for “Plaid penguins”, “cantilevered cantaloupes”, “fifteen-piece bikinis”, “polar vortex repellant spray” and “non-ferrous metal detectors”.


You know you’ve been visiting the hospital too much when the guy ringing up your lunch at the cafeteria say, “Hi, you’re still here!”


Heh, yeah. Been there done that. When I went in and when my mom went in.


I got to spend Valentines Day sitting in an emergency town meeting about the four 6th grad girls that have attempted suicide in the last 8 days.


Oh, that’s terrible! I hope you figure out what’s going on and get them help.


It seems like two of them were besties, The one was having mean girl issues, and the other a week later couldn’t handle everything going on after. The other two they aren’t sure about. Three of them were actually in the school with the method being aspirin or Advil.

The community is pulling together and while there was some finger pointing last night it settled down pretty quick. Most of the issue is that most of these kids saw one of them happen, or know someone who does and they know more about what happened than what the school can legally say. The counselor is like “There was a medical emergency today” and is interrupted by little Sally saying who it was where it happened and what they did.

It’s a two grade school, 5th and 6th, and my daughter is in a mixed grade advanced class and while they got counseling there wasn’t an email sent home for the 5th graders, even if they were in a class where they specifically discussed it. It was a small oversight, made worse by more happening before they were prepared to change the policy.

At least two of them will be coming back to school soon and the kids have been told to welcome them back and not to pretend nothing happened.

As a father of three girls, preteen and teen girls can be real shitbags.


Should I be depressed that a senior’s discount was automatically added on a recent purchase when I’ve a few years away from that point?


I hear ya. I started getting invitations to join from AARP when I was in my 20s. Very annoying.


When I was in buying cat food the other day the cashier at Petco called me “miss”. I usually get “ma’am” so I was pretty happy about that.


There needs to be a word for that moment you realize youve taken one stool softener too many.

My chemo is really binding me up, ive never been constipated in my life before. I thought i had, but its like my view of bad headaches after my first couple migraines.

So, yesterday was a dreamworld of good pooping, today I’m slipping into the nightmare on the other side.

I hope I don’t go the full 180 degrees.