Random Musings (and associated non sequiturs) v. 3.0


My wife’s car shit the bed on the way home yesterday. Pouring oil from the bottom. I’m hoping it’s something stupid and not a main seal or some shit. I also hope the “noises” that she couldn’t describe right before it died weren’t the engine giving up.

I’d love a frozen and cracked oil pan or filter…


Temp was 1 F when I went into the gym at 0615, all the way up to 10 F when I came out!

Winds were brutal yesterday, but negligible today. So colder, but much less wind chill to account for.


I braved the elements and took my camera down to Lake Michigan around sunrise to capture the vapors rising off the water in extreme cold. I survived the experience. :cold_face:


Just another winter in Buffalo.


Not sure whether to like it or not. But nice photo though :slight_smile:

And good to see that you are still around :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


What would you’ve done as :

  1. The old sysadmin
  2. The new sysadmin

No way in heck would I’ve continued with that farce, I’m too honest.


Microsoft paid the Rolling Stones $3M for the rights to “Start Me Up” for the Windows 95 campaign in 1995. That’s about $5M in 2019 dollars.

They’re paying $5M per 30 seconds to air this 2-minute commercial (maybe they 'll air a shorter version?) Sunday during the Superb Owl. And I’d argue it’s a much better use of their money. If you liked the Reindeer Games commercial they ran last year for the Adaptive Controller, you’ll love this one.

One of the biggest fears, early on, is “how will Owen be viewed by the other kids?” He’s not different when he plays.


If I was Dave, I would have taken my own inventory right away even if I’d been handed one at the start of the job. Because how do I know if it’s accurate? Especially if it’s just written on a piece of paper.


Exactly. “Trust nobody”.


Will the Microsoft commercial be better than the $60 million campaign that included Jerry Seinfeld and the “adjust your shorts to signal you’re working on something cool because you can’t say you’re working on something cool”? The same campaign where only two of the commercial were aired because of how negatively-received they were? The campaign that came out at the same time as they were doing another round of layoffs and could have used that money instead to keep those workers employed?


It’s very common for supply people to test new lieutenants to the unit by asking them to sign for the monthly sensitive items inventory (e.g. night vision goggles, weapons, other important things) without actually finding the items and verifying they actually exist. A lieutenant who signs without seeing will find themselves on this duty every month. The lieutenant who insists on seeing every object makes him- or herself very unpopular with the troops–but he or she will never be asked to do sensitive items inventory again. (At least, not by the supply people.)


If someone who sees you every day looks at you and says, “You need to see a doctor,” just humor them and go, okay?


A bacon milkshake sounds like a really good idea, but when it turns out to be a vanilla milkshake with bacon bits mixed in it, not so much. Lumps of cold and brittle bacon mostly at the bottom of the shake. Bacon syrup allows for better mixing of the flavors. Something to think about, Five Guys.


Five Guys tends to be kind of a love-hate for me. I like their burgers, but there’s so much grease it makes me not want to eat their again.


When did they start doing shakes? I worked for them in 2016 and the didnt then, so it must be new.


2017 I think. I love Five Guys. Especially the cajun fries. I think they put crack in the seasoning. However, my main beef (no pun intended) with them is that I can literally get two meals at In-N-Out for the price of one at Five Guys. Yes, Five Guys has bacon and In-N-Out only has regular fries, but otherwise I consider them equal so that price point is a bit painful.


That’s another factor I didn’t put in as to why I won’t be going back any time soon. The bacon cheeseburger, fries and milkshake hit the $20 mark. For the amount of french fries I got, I had to double-check the receipt. I guess “LTL” means “little”. If that was little, you could have an entire meal with nothing but their large french fries.

You get pretty good quality and quantity of food for the price, but spending that much money once on fast food was enough for about the next year.


Oh yeah, Five Guys is known for “Get a large fry, have enough to eat for the rest of the day”, at least around my area.

And they were just added to DoorDash here. Maybe I’ll have to get some bacon-cheese-dogs and fries delivered at some point this week…


The first time I went to Five Guys I made the mistake of getting the large fries. Holy crap.


My wife gets the fries in the container, i get the bag fries.

There are places I’d rather go most of the time, but every once in a while its worth it.