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Oh no! That is a huge bummer.


A good 1/2 of new questions in the subreddits I follow are things that someone has asked within the previous week. I find it distressing.


That’s pretty much Reddit. I’ve almost ubsubed from a few subreddits because the signal:noise ratio is so poor. Like Futurama, where most of the content is literally “Here’s a joke I liked reduced to 4 frames with subtitles.”


Living the dream today - it’s brutal in my neck of the woods… but I most likely will be out photographing Lake Michigan in the same weather tomorrow. Mostly since the vapors rising off the lake in this weather is so damn beautiful and I’ll be in the area anyways in the morning around sunrise.

Instant frozen snot weather


Keep warm! Having lived most of my life in California I can’t imagine what that feels like. Brrrrr


And here I thought our -3F with a -30F wind chill was brutal today. We don’t have any snow to go with it which sucks. At least up by my parents they have a foot or two on the ground. Makes it worth it in my opinion.


I’m going to post some pictures I took last year when it was -10F at the Lake Michigan shoreline in the photo thread.


Yikes! And I thought our -20C (-4F) was bad. Stay as warm as you can.


Looks like it does, with adapters (sold separately, $35-$70 each). Thanks for the offer but at only 500GB for each drive it’s not going to be a lot of usable space.


6 F this morning when I got out the door… 35+ mph winds - I couldn’t hold my car door open to pull my pack across from the passenger seat. I had to walk around and stand in the lee of the car to pick up my pack.

I was near Columbus back in 1985 (Rickenbacker, for @MSUAlexis) during the super cold snap.

Wind chills were -64. We had an entire parking lot full of cars where none of the engines would start. The flight line sent over a ground support vehicle which had a hot ait blower used to pre-warm jet engines - basically a hair dryer with an 18 inch output. They used that to get a Guard Blazer started - the ground support truck could only jump start 24v systems - then the Blazer TOW-started the rest of us.

For the uninitiated, tow-starting an automatic transmission-equipped car means getting it up to 35 mph or so.
For an entire lot of cars.

The drive back to Dayton was an absolute nightmare in my teeny little Datsun F-10. The temperature gauge got LOWER when I got on the highway.


Understood. I need to pop it open and move the 2TB drives out and put them in the replacement 4-bay, where they’ll probably be a dedicated volume for backups.


-11 this morning here. My dad’s furnace is holding at 55, I bumped my 90 year old beast up to 68 and it held at 66 all day.

A chilly 66, but still comfortable.


Luxury …


I hope all our Midwest Americans are doing okay - any others aside from Woodman, DocDubious and RoadRash?

I saw a news article this morning that said parts of the Midwest were getting -40 degree temperatures and I really hope none of you guys are in that.


I hope so as well. I’m in northeast PA, and it’s 5F outside right now. Combined with the fact that even though the snow that did fall today wasn’t much, the fact that the road’s still covered (since they don’t bother plowing near me until late at night, ever) and the extra cold has made it basically half ice, I am definitely glad I worked from home again today.

I remarked to a work colleague who’s out near Chicago that he better take a knife to work with him today so he can cut his coffee.


It reached -25F with actual air temperature with a feel like of -54F factoring the windchill this morning. Here’s the current conditions and forecast in my area.


I’m thinking of inviting some friends over this weekend for a little party. We’ll be having some nice hearty soup and working the maths on our new calibration equipment. We have to figure out how much soup-per-bowl.


NEPA, or the town of North East, PA (which is, puzzlingly, in the NW corner of the state)?


NEPA. I’m about half an hour south of Scranton.


My living room is holding at 56 degrees and my bedroom a ‘toasty’ 59. Gonna break out an extra blanket, but I’ll be fine. Coldest night I remember in the thirty years I’ve lived in Columbus.