Random Musings (and associated non sequiturs) v. 3.0


Stupidity is a universal human trait.


I can’t decide if this goes with my attempt to make 40 Clove of Garlic Chicken (which requires, surprise, 40 cloves of garlic!) or a Tomatillo Salsa, which was literally my first (and so far, last) time trying to work with Tomatillos. Both were kind of painful to prepare.

  • I grew up with dinosaurs being giant, cold-blooded lizards with leathery skin. T. Rex was a vicious killing machine
  • As a young adult, hey, maybe dinosaurs had feathers and were more bird than lizard. Also, T. Rex was just a scavenger who couldn’t hunt.
  • I guess we have no clue what they looked like because all we have is skeletons.

Where the hell is my time machine. Forget seeing key moments in human history and whacking Hitler, we need to know WTF the dinosaurs were all about!


Got a lovely private client a week ago.

She lost her husband recently (deceased) and had laptop issues. So she went out and purchased a new laptop and printerer (inkjet, spit), but had problems setting it all up.

I set it up for her, and she is willing to pay.

Currently I have issues with her 3G USB router (it’s a Mecer brand) which is total schitt with Win10. We have several options for cheaper mobile connectivity, all of which I want to discuss with her tonight. There’s three options which falls within her budget.

But I’m not going to fleece her (unlike others who tend to prey on widows and IT-illiterate people). Hopefully she’ll let others know that I’m doing a great job and I’ll get more referrals etc.


Feedback - she is happy with her current data plan, not going to force her to move.

Will order a new 3G USB stick for her, for now she’s using my one 3G stick as a loaner until the new one arrives.

Dang Mecer crap that refuses to work with Slurp10 - but it’ll work happily with Win7.


Are Hawkeye and Spider-Man the only characters (originating on Earth) in the current MCU whose identities aren’t known to the public?

  • Tony Stark told everyone he’s Iron Man
  • Everyone knows Rhodey is Iron Patriot
  • Everyone Steve Rogers is Cap
  • Natasha Romanoff spilled all of SHIELD’s secrets onto the intarwebs (Hawkeye’s secret family/home stayed off SHIELD’s files, so that’s still safe)
  • The world knows Banner is Hulk
  • Dr. Strange still uses his real name
  • I’m not sure about T’Challa


T’Challa is known as Black Panther inside Wakanda, but I don’t think many people outside Wakanda know of him.

Also, Rhodey is War Machine, not Iron Patriot :slight_smile:


Thanos going to get a doublesized six-pack whoop-ass delivered to him soon.

We’ll have to wait for the Endgame to see what really happens.