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I’m hearing some people enjoy it, though. Apparently you can almost play F76 as if it were a single player game and just ignore the smaller number of people you may be coexisting with.


This is pretty much what I’ve been doing.

@RoadRunner , what platform are you playing on?


See, my problem with that is, if I’m gonna do that, I might as well just play Fallout 4. I already own that, it’s the same engine (and largely the same assets), there are actual human NPCs instead of just robots, and I don’t run the risk of running into a gang of asshats (like I so often did when I played Rust)


Xbox One, you?

I haven’t really been interacting with folks, either, mostly. A couple times, I helped out someone who was being overrun with ghouls/scorched. (Once, I sniped half a dozen or so, from not too far away, but far enough that after the attack was over, the guy was turning around, I assume looking for who/where the help came from. It was a bit humorous.) I did have some random jackass start shooting at me… I walked around a corner… He ran after me, but didn’t seem to be expecting the shotgun blasts to the head. I would have liked to heard his reaction, but I didn’t have my headset on. Apparently, you can hear other people nearby, but only if your mic is live. I got a few invitations to coop, but was just getting a feel for it, so I let them expire. Following the story like, scavenger hunt style, has been entertaining, and the side quests are similar. The annoying parts are the server drops/kicks, micromanaging food/water (hunger/thirst), and the weight/storage limits. I’m also not really jazzed about the SPECIAL/Perks trading card system.

When the extended outage hit the other day for server maintenance (it was supposed to be a couple of hours, but I don’t know how long it actually lasted), I fired up Fallout: New Vegas for the first time. Coincidentally, that was right before the Obsidian new game news hit, with all the “OMG, they did New Vegas; it was the best one.” comments. I don’t understand what all that’s about, because New Vegas isn’t my new favorite… I’m not wild about micromanaging thirst (I get it, it’s in the desert, but still, micromanaging = meh.); I don’t end up using the magazines, because it is a pain to keep track of what I have/need; the ammo situation is a PITA - too rare and I can’t craft/reload any - I don’t have whatever skill level is necessary to make new ammo, and have yet to find a primer at all.

My next window of opportunity to play will probably be Christmas weekend, and I honestly don’t know which one I’ll choose. It would be nice to run through the older one, but I haven’t enjoyed it much so far. But if I fire up F76, there’s more likely to be a lot of people off work and playing, so does that mean the servers are going to be overtaxed and I’m more likely to get booted off? Because that’s no fun. Still, it might be fun to slim down my equipment/weight load and go hang with a group for a bit & see what that’s like.


Obsidian is the studio that is largely made up of developers who were from the original studio who created Fallout. They’re usually seen as the ones who keep truest to the lore and feel, because Fallout’s their baby.


Gotcha, yeah, I’ve seen that info in the news. That’s come up more times that I can count in my phone’s suggested news stories screen. I love when it suggests 15 news articles, and 14 are jumping on the bandwagon, quoting the first story.

EDIT: Not trying to be snarky toward you, @e4tmyl33t. I guess I’m just annoyed because I’m not seeing what others fell in love with in New Vegas.


I loved New Vegas a lot. I’d love to see a remastered version with the Fallout 4 engine. I guess I cheated a bit because my collector’s edition came with a code to download a Vault 13 canteen that basically had endless water. I don’t find the food and drink requirements for 76 too odious because I’m eating food and drinking beverages all the time to recover HP anyway. And I have a water purifier in my camp, so I’m never really running short. I haven’t run into too many asshats but at least now I’m high enough level to deal with them.

I’m also on XBox One.

Also Obsidian’s new game looks amazeballs.


Oh, I get it. I never played Fallout 1 or 2, my intro to it was with 3 on my original Xbox. New Vegas definitely had a different feel to it (even discounting the additional thirst thing), but I kind of liked it.

The problem I’ve had with it is that since then, Bethesda has been dumbing it down. Less dialogue options so they can fix on controller buttons for quick access instead of a list, dumb “building outposts” stuff to pad out the game length…I play Fallout because I want to shoot supermutants with lasers. Not because I want to play an RTS game. If I wanted to play an RTS game, I’d go play an RTS game!


My history started with Fallout 4, based on the recommendation of folks here. Previously, based on the descriptions I had heard, I had no interest in Fallout anything. But soon after it came out, several CoGers encouraged me to give it a shot, then I saw the Fallout 4 plus DLC Subscription pack go on sale (I think it was a Microsoft Deals with Gold special) for less than the game alone, I took a chance and bought it. I was surprised, but I really liked it! All the settlement building stuff was not my favorite feature, but since I could get away with setting up whatever was needed to address basic needs then just let them run it, settlement management didn’t bother me too much. I hear you on the dialogue options, but after playing both, I realized that sometimes the options in 4 are more like tree branches, instead of the long lists in Fallout 3. I guess 4 does more forcing you to make choices - butter them up or risk pissing them off, with no going back.

Anyway, like I said, I was pleasantly surprised that I liked the game play and got really sucked in.


Well, it’s that plus the fact that in 3/New Vegas, you knew exactly what you were replying with. In 4, you get a short word or phrase to describe it, but there could be other stuff in that that is totally the opposite of how you wanted that conversation to go from your side.


Oh yeah, those “Wait, what did I just say? Where did that come from?” moments. Or “I don’t remember telling a legendary raider to suck it”


Is it worth dabbling in? Or do you have to put serious amounts of time to actually do anything? I’m also looking for one to play with my daughter, is duoing a valid group play style?

I played 1, 2, and 2.5, haven’t played any of the new ones.


I don’t see why you couldn’t pair up for team play.

Funny thing - my buddy up in Dallas saw me playing Fallout 4 and got interested, so he bought it… then realized it is single player only. He gets a lot of flack from his wife, so honestly, he doesn’t get to play enough consistently to get a good handle on gameplay and controls. Also, Fallout isn’t really conducive to firing up for 30-45 minutes, and having a satisfying gaming session. So, while he wants to play, he can never remember how to do stuff when he has a chance to play, so he gets frustrated. When they announced 76, he was thrilled. He called me up - “we gotta get this, so we can play together online and you can remind me how to do shit.”
We have yet to coordinate and play online at the same time.


Which one was 2.5?


Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Less story, more blowing crap up. And I never made it all that far because I didn’t metagame enough. Getting to Deathstalkers unprepared was kinda dumb.


Ah. I didn’t think of BoS as a 2.5 as it was very different from 2.
I’ve played 1 & 2 myself, and a tiny bit of BoS and the xbox diablo-knock-off game.


We’ve heard about Facebook’s troubles, how things aren’t as rosy as they said they were. Last month, an article on The Washington Post said Facebook needs to be regulated.

And now Facebook just poured gasoline on the fire. The New York Times reported two days ago that when they offered new privacy settings for their users, they gave Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Netflix, Spotify and over 150 other companies the tools to get past the filters.

I haven’t seen it yet, but was the movie The Social Network intended to be a warning about them? I’m half-remembering the commercial where one guy asks incredulously, “And they just give you this information?” (paraphrased) and Zuckerberg confirms it.

I almost never use my Facebook account and I’m beginning to think that’s a good idea.


Regulated or broken up via anti trust regulations?


Maybe both?


I just picked, washed and peeled 36 persimmons. It doesn’t sound like much, but man my fingers are tired now. I’m thrilled that my second tree bore a bit of fruit this year. I got 30 off of one tree and 6 off of the other.