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Sooo, the British are Hobbitses?

Well, there are good things that come of it. Most of the planning coordination and information dissemination for my last class reunion were done through Facebook. And my wife sometimes wants me to look at pictures posted by someone we know. But, for the most part, yeah, I rarely check it. It isn’t something I couldn’t live without.


Apple removed the Tumblr app from their store on November 16th due to some child pr0n that slipped through the filters. An article on The Verge says uploaded images are checked against an industry database and these images were ‘absent’ from it.

Tumblr decided they needed to get rid of a lot of NSFW content, but the algorithm they’re using is flagging a whole lot more, including pictures of kittens, Garfield, plastic shark toys, Mario from Mario Bros., boot scrubbers, and one of Mr. Rogers posing for a picture next to a security guard with their feet soaking in a kiddie pool. Whatever’s flagged is gone in two weeks. You can see 30 flagged items on the Uproxx site.

Doing a little more digging into this, I found another article that said this was actually being worked on for several months, but having the app yanked by Apple prompted them to go live before they were ready. The article pointed out the real reason is Verizon, who bought Tumblr, couldn’t sell ads to be placed next to that type of content and so they were going to do a shift of who the site was intended to be for. Towards the bottom of that Uproxx article is some of the reactions, making comparisons to the sinking of the Titanic and the Simpsons episode where alcohol-free “Duff Zero” was introduced and put the Duff brewery out of business in a half hour.

The amount of content that needs to be flagged is too big for humans to do, but it’s being pointed out that it’s having a much larger negative effect, just like when LiveJournal’s 2007 efforts to make changes affected more legitimate uses of adult material/conversations, such as those for rape survival groups.

Leaving “who it’s intended for” as it is can have benefits. Hasbro didn’t say, “You’re men. You can’t watch our cartoon about talking horses that we made for young girls.”

Is Tumblr about to become the next LiveJournal or Myspace, where users will start leaving en mass and the companies start getting sold time after time, as the new owners try to figure out what to do with something that looked promising enough to be worth buying, only to have to sell it later at a loss? Stay tuned.


It’s already started. Most of the artists I follow on Tumblr (and yes, they’re mostly NSFW artists) have been posting some flavor of “Welp, guess I’m no longer welcome here, here are links to other places you can follow me” posts for the last two weeks or so. I have to go through my follow list and go see which of those sites I may already be subscribed to and follow them there if I want to continue to get updates.

Tumblr is going to be a barren wasteland after this.


It’s not good on iOS either, really.


So, first real day back to work today from vacation, and just finished spending an hour moving all my stuff as our group got moved while I was gone. At least there was some warning, since I did a work-from-home day yesterday.

Vacation was great, but 6 days at theme parks (1 at Unversal, 5 at the Mouse) is exhausting. Add in having to coordinate with a family of 4 with an 8 year old and a 13 year old, and it can be interesting. Also, I seem to have picked up a cold, possibly from the kids.


Agreed. I read about this yesterday and I was like “Isn’t that most of their content?” They’re toast.

I didn’t know about them being bought by Verizon. Is there anything giant corporations won’t fuck up?


A bunch of the SFW artists that I fallow are having completely harmless stuff flagged.


Yeah, it seems that Tumblr’s “algorithms” are more like firing a shotgun into a barrel full of targets and saying “We got something!”


It feels like they are tossing a grenade in, and thinking it will only hurt the nsfw fish.


So, how long until Pornhub is where everyone goes for everything? I had heard that a lot of gun videos were moving there a while back.

Are we just going to end up with everything even slightly objectionable on Pornhub and 4chan?

"Son, it shows on the router that someone was accessing Pornhub last night, you know anything about that?’

“Yeah, I had to do a report on abortion laws before Roe vs. Wade and they are the only ones who still post any of the information. Sorry, but it’s just like when Susan had to do the piece on Nixon and she spent all day on 4chan!”


But then you can’t browse anything at Starbucks.


4chan. Never will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.



Is this like the Canadian version of the Onion?


Rofl. Seriously? :rofl:


Yes, it is.


If I had a VW Beetle I think I’d have to call it Herbie.
If I had a VW that was not a beetle I think I’d call it Yoko.


After working being either at work or driving to/from work 14 hours yesterday, I spent all but 90 minutes at home today.

Yet I feel like I wasn’t even home today.


I was home sick all last week. It sucked. I did play a little Fallout 76, though. That didn’t necessarily make the time better spent.


I’m sorry.