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Its thick, it looks like LA out here…


Because certain organizations really do suck and $270 a year is an acceptable price for them to keep the site out of unfriendly hands.

Next question.


So, you agree that this is just one of may domains designed exclusively to extract money from businesses without any benefit.


Not 100%.

There was, and maybe still is, a website called $namesucks after a former place of employment. When I first visited it, it was a place where people could, somewhat anonymously, vent about $name. Then $name bought it out and basically turned it into a site that asked “why so mad?” $name clearly saw value in taking over the domain, else they wouldn’t have bothered.

However, I personally think it made $name look thin-skinned and somewhat vain. (More than they already did.) So while there might have been some value, exactly what type of value can be debated.


I tried to explain to a bunch of middle schoolers why HAL killed the crew of Discovery.

Between my failing memory and their inexperience with the world, it did not go well.


I’ve seen a lot of 2001: A Space Oddessy discussion lately, presumably because if the anniversary and rerelease. It is fascinating that most people remember the HAL sequences, even if that’s generously half the movie.

Anyway, as to HAL’s murderous tendencies, I think there’s two main theories.

First is the idea that HAL has a breakdown of sorts due to conflicting instructions. He makes a mistake, something the HAL9000 series have no history of doing. (This is very opimistic about computer technology…)

The second is that it is a deliberate act, trying to reconcile his conflict and doing so in what is to HAL the most efficient fashion.

Kubrick and Clark supported both theories at different times, I believe.


I believe Clark’s “official” stance on it (that made it into the later books) was that it was indeed the conflicting instructions that caused the AI version of schizophrenia where he decided that “Crew cannot know these instructions > Crew must know these instructions to continue the mission > Kill the crew, resolve the conflict!”


TIL Wombats poop out cubes.


Well thats new.