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I agree, but perhaps I should explain what I meant a little more.
They are so convinced that they know God is there for them that they ignore that they can’t speak for God and don’t actually know how God will be there for them.

As for the effects on their children, I think we are fully in agreement there


By my reckoning, I’ll be awake for 24 hours if I don’t sleep on the plane en route to Seattle next week. Up at 0330 EST, catch my first plane at 0530, a meeting in the early afternoon when I arrive, then three community/networking events in a row, the last one ending at 2230 PST. Plus some additional bar time after that.


Why is it that the hand rail or escalators are almost always consistently not synced to the movement of the floor panels. Every one of them seems to be running about 1% too fast, so by the time I get up or down a floor, I have to move my hand back closer to me.


Also, on some escalators the hand rail seem to “pause” for a moment, almost as if its driving gear lost traction.


Because so many people lean on the rail. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is slipping.


Found realMyst on the app store, I may have to buy it. I never have played myst but i have heard great things about it. But $7 is bit much for a 20 year old game right?


Eh. Thy just did a 25th-anniversary remaster of most of the Myst games and there’s a Steam bundle that finally collects all 5 of the originals plus realMyst and Uru and the bundle’s going for ~$80 US. If the realMyst that’s on the app store is the remastered version, I can see it being worth that much.

The Myst series have always been some interesting puzzlers, but ones that you kind of have to either adjust the way you think for some things for, or ones you NEED to have a pencil and paper around to note stuff you learned because otherwise you’ll be backtracking a crapton to go back and remember what it is you now need for this latest puzzle (I’m looking at you, D’Ni numbers in RIVEN…)


Try it. It is a very good point and click game. I also purchased it, but have forgotten about it.



Wife and I played Syberia and Syberia II as we both like point and click adventures.


I have physical copies of Riven and Myst, but I have never put them into my pc (it has massive problems running anything pre-vista [thanks Window$ 7]).


That’s the other major thing with the remasters, they made them compatible with everything up to Win10.

Here’s the bundle link, if you’re interested.



Ive never been a major point and click guy, except maybe the eye-spy games when i was small.
So i dont think ill sink $80 on the collection. But i may get at least Myst to experience it.
I mean I do like Zork and I was no ware near alive when it came out.


I paid $10 each for the Baldur’s Gate family of RPGs. Totally worth it.
Myst is a bit of a different thing, as it was much more about the images and mood that have probably not aged well. Haven’t player realMyst, though.

Myst was a good series for people that got into puzzles where you needed a clear mind and maybe a ‘grail diary’ to figure stuff out.

I also recently played Day of the Tentacle for a simpler point & click game from that era. Definitely recommended: I loved that one achievement was “I just realized I’m playing a cartoon” for doing something that followed classic cartoon logic.


I have that on my wishlist - any good?


Ever did Zork Nemesis?

Vacation time at FCD#3 FTW


Woodman, my complaint was about the hand rail belt moving too fast so your hand is in front of you by the time you get to the other end. A slipping belt would result in your hand being behind you. It’s always been too fast.


Ive only played the first zork and I always get stuck in the caves. I refuse to look up a guide.


So, I can pîck up the domain reallyhorrible.sucks for the low-low price of only $6/year … but it will renew at $270? Why would I even consider something so stupid?


Get it then transfer it over to another registrar?


Oh, yay. We’re on fire again. The latest one is about 150 miles away, but the smoke is bad enough that I’m feeling some effort breathing, and I’m indoors.