Random Musings (and associated non sequiturs) v. 3.0


Haahhahahahaha that’s completely fair!


I immediately thought of this… (might want to stop watching at the 25 second mark, though)


I actually had a pack of something that looked an awful like that. Most I could do was three quarters of a sauce packet in it. It’s pretty rough.

I’m sure I could eat all of it, but I’d rather not.

There was a 2x hot and a super hot. The super hot had more exclamation marks so I assumed it was hotter, I got the 2x.


You Tube is down and the world is still turning. There may be hope for the planet yet.


Brief flurry of activity on the mewe chat group when it went down, but now it seems to be up again. Somebody probably rebooted something somewhere :smile:


Darn. I was hoping for an extended outage. Maybe one that took down Facebook and Twitter too.


Bugger a takedown, how about one that’ll take faceboob and twatter down permanently?


I figured that as a little too much to hope for. That would require actual effort on someone’s part. (Lauded as that effort might be.)


Went camping with the Ooklets.

First night we arrived very late due to a major accident on the highway. Was stuck for more than 3hrs at the one toll gate.

Anyways, arrived, pitched tent, ate something then snored.

Next day kids was all over the place. Nice, hot, sunny day.

Come nightfall, come the rain. $wife’s bedding got a little bit wet. One tent was soaking wet right through.

Then the power went off. And it was bitterly cold.

We managed to survive though :yum:

Guess this is one trip we will not forget in a hurry :smiley:


My car couldn’t hold out one more day w/o needing a refill? I’m planning on getting the new one tomorrow.


Black theme in Firefox, black theme in CoG - good times.

Now if only Googol will allow us to choose dark themes instead of the white backgrounds… (Or even a WP5.1 theme)


Also YouTube.


Reviewing security footage after one PC got blagged is not fun.


I don’t know if I should be impressed or annoyed with two dreams I had recently.

The first involved Danny Ocean (the George Clooney version, not Frank Sinatra) trying to pitch to me how he was going to run a heist within the story I was writing. He’s standing there, describing it to me, and I have to tell him that doesn’t fit how the story goes. In effect, I tell him to get lost. After I wake up, I hit a moment of fridge logic and think, “How was he going to get inside the book?”

Other people have the show up to work naked nightmare. Not me. Instead, it’s “valiantly trying to continue to do my job and explain to my customers why the only thing I could find to wear is an oversized sweatshirt that almost reaches my knees”.


heh, dreaming about going nekkeds to work FTL


Why do the company have to lose a lot of $$$ to theft before steps are taken? :roll_eyes:


Misplaced optimism, of the “That won’t REALLY happen to US, right?” variety.


I’m just going to keep reposting this until they stop.

Fill in your own details as needed.


There was a huge storm and the rivers started to overflow. The authorities decided that everybody needed to evacuate.
Soldiers were sent around to make sure that people got out safely. They reached one man who refused to evacuate saying “God will save me”.
The rivers overflowed so much that there was no dry land. The authorities sent a boat to the man’s house (which was now surrounded by water) to try and evacuate him. He refused saying “God will save me”
The rivers kept rising and the man’s house was about to be submerged. The authorities made one final attempt and sent a helicopter to evacuate him. He refused saying “God will save me”.
He drowned.
He’d led a good life, so he went to heaven. When he got there he spoke to God saying “My faith was strong, I believed you would save me, why didn’t you?”
God replied: “I sent you a bunch of soldiers, a boat and a helicopter. What more do you want from me?”

Those parents who refuse medical treatment for their kids, saying “God’s love will cure them” - they are like the man in this story.


I think you are being too kind. They actually cause problems for other people. And that’s all I’ll say, because anything further will be not nice.