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Why does Chrome suddenly look different?


Update. I think there was an article about the changes coming on Ars a couple weeks ago.


It’s not often that I find something that is too spicy for me. I found some Korean stir fry instant noodles the last time I was in J-town and decided to try them. I couldn’t finish the package I prepared. I still have indigestion from the 1/3 of a package that I ate yesterday. They were so spicy that my lips and mouth felt like they were burning. Now I have to decide what to do with the other four packages.




They would burn the fire. Believe me.


Sneak it into your enemies’ lunches?


I don’t think I hate anyone that much…


If you know any Cajuns, they’d probably gobble it up.


I was just thinking it sounds like a delicious challenge. My Dad always said if there isn’t sweat running down the back of your neck then it’s probably not hot enough. :grin:


I regularly eat things that make me sweat from the spice. This was a whole different category.



Returning them to the store for a refund is not an option?


Nah. I’m not taking a trip all the way back into San Francisco for a $5 refund. I doubt they’d take it back anyways. I think I’ll just cut the next batch with a lot of rice.

For those of you who think I’m a wimp, I found it on Amazon.
Edit: If any of you do try it, I want to know what you think!


I like spicy things, but I’ll pass on that one, thanks :slight_smile:


Holy crap that’s a lot of salt!

EDIT - I have a couple of friends who like to try extra spicy things, but they’re $10 for a 5 pack at Amazon… not worth it, when other ramen varieties are 5 for a dollar (or less) at the grocery store.


Yeah, that is pricey. In J-town it was $5.50 for the pack.


When I lived in Dallas I worked with a good ol’ boy from Louisiana who was Cajun. I couldn’t understand a damn thing he said. Pretty sure he was the inspiration for “Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog”.


There’s a guy on YouTube who calls himself the LA Beast and does spice challenges. He did one with a pack of these that he then added a few drops of Plutonium 9 (capsaicin extract weighing in at 9 million SHUs) to. He made it about halfway through. Sweating profusely would be an understatement. He was also drooling uncontrollably. He ended up running to the bathroom and puking.


Use them for a contest at the school and who ever can finish a whole one gets a 2% grade increase!


I’m not willing to get sued because I killed a student. :stuck_out_tongue: