Random Musings (and associated non sequiturs) v. 3.0


Has the credit union sent me the paperwork I need?
No? Damn. :unamused:


In case anyone wondered, dealing with the DMV remains frustrating.


So I just renewed my license for the first time, so i did it online and even that was an absolute bear. Its like it was designed just to feel as bad as actually at a DMV.


I did my Texas driver license renewal online the time before last, and it was relatively pain free, as are vehicle license plate / registration renewals. Texas does a pretty good job with most of the (governmental) online stuff.


Because they know Chuck Norris is watching them… :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish we could still do that. About three years ago, we changed our licenses from a counterpart system (ID card and paper license with your abilities and penalties printed) to just the ID card system. To update your address, change a photo, whatever, you can use the government website.

Which requires the counterpart ID from the paper license.

Which we don’t have anymore.



Yesterday was my Friday for me. I have a 7-day weekend and don’t go back to work until next Thursday. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds awful…

(Sorry, couldn’t find a graphic with the original Marvin saying Sounds awful)


Just went to let the dog out and got caught in a moment of thinking too deep about what’s going on.

As in everything…

That’s ten minutes I’ll never get back. Too much of that and I’ll rip the seats out of my car and drive to Alaska.


Sounds uncomfortable. But, yeah, odd things can happen while waiting for the dogs to finish their bidness.


Things I learned today:

  1. The phrase, “Always know where your towel is” turned out to be very wise advice as I learned that towel paper is not an efficient product for drying yourself off after a shower.
  2. Bring earplugs in case you forget one of the support rods for the tent, so the rustling noise of the rain guard will not keep waking you up.
  3. A reminder that wind doesn’t instantly disperse cigarette smoke. I have no idea how many that guy smoked during the 20 or 30 minutes I stayed in my car to avoid having it blown towards me.
  4. Sometimes not getting to see everything you planned on can mean more because of what you do see where you are.


It’s fall again, so you know that that means. Yes, that’s right. It’s time to pumpkin spice all the things!


I stepped out of the elevator at work yesterday and it was like “wow, someone on this floor loves pumpkin spice a little too much.” The smell smacked me in the face as soon as the doors opened. Thankfully it wasn’t the floor I work on. It was a bit excessive.


I’m making pumpkin spice sugar cubes for a craft show at the end of the month. Also, Old Fashioned cubes with bitters in them.


Are you using a publicly available recipe for the spice cubes?


Nope. Well, the original recipe for PS sugar syrup was probably cobbled together from a couple of online sources, but mine makes quite a lot. I’m going to shrink it down a lot and omit the sugar (duh) to make a super concentrated flavour because you don’t need much liquid to bind sugar together; like a half teaspoon per cup. I have to get all the flavourings in with that amount of liquid. Alternately, I could mix the sugar and some of the spices together and then add some lesser spiced liquid. I’m still workening on it.

I’ve found the right combination of different sugars that make a good cube and that’s about 5 parts regular sugar to 2 parts icing sugar. The rest is more art than science.

Yes, I’m calling them Sugar Pucks.


I keep trying to decide if it’s worth the effort to move from my ‘current’ Verizon FiOS router’s wireless to my older Cisco 1811w router’s wifi. My router’s in the basement, and the signal on the top floor of the townhouse (so basement, ground, top) has been sucky lately.

It’ll take half a day of working on it, though, and I have so many other projects in progress.


Would a signal repeater/extender not work? I have no experience with this family of magic, so I could be stepping on some other wizard’s toes here.


Maybe, but that’s more hardware to deal with. I’ve heard Verizon’s gear is notoriously poor for wifi, so wondering if my older Cisco gear beats newer VzW gear.


John Oliver’s HBO show did a segment on the return of pumpkin spicing all the things.

Regarding elevators, I entered one recently and wanted to step right back out due to the lingering cigarette smell from a previous passenger. Tip of the day: not only does wind not instantly disperse cigarette smoke, if you’ve been smoking, it gets trapped in your clothes and can leave an odor behind as you walk or stand still.