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I was lucky. The one time I went through this airport I had a connecting flight that I had to get to in 20 minutes.from the time I landed. It was the next port over, so I had to walk about 50 feet.


Any airport where I have to give up my 4th Amendment rights just to exist.


Casablanca was one of my least favourites, at least until we got through the security checkpoint. There were too few seats for too many people, and only one place to get anything to eat or drink (with, of course, a huge line up). Once we got through security, however, it was beautiful and modern, with lots of seating and many places to buy food, drink, and souvenirs, including some pretty nice Moroccan wine.

I actually don’t mind Pearson (Toronto). I’ve never had a problem, and the staff were wonderful when we came home from Cuba in the middle of the night and I was so sick I needed a wheelchair. :frowning:

I love flying out of Billy Bishop (aka “the Island”) airport in Toronto. It’s a small airport and, until recently, you could only get there by a very short ferry ride. Now there’s a tunnel under the channel that you can walk through. There’s lots of seating and free good coffee, tea, and cookies.


A lot of airports have very little seating and no shops at all outside the security checkpoints. I guess I didn’t realize that until you mentioned it.


WTAF? Axl Rose is the lead singer of AC/DC for the past 2 years!?

And how the hell is he 56?


I’m really not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe a bit of both.

Two kids busking with violins (and yes, it was almost as painful as it sounds). They both managed to hit exactly the same bum notes in perfect unison.


That still seems like quite a hike.


I read a couple articles lately about how the survivors of all the old bands are combining to make supergroups.

Wait for RollingfleetwoodDC and the Pretenderheartbreakers to open for Styx.


I really like IND, it’s clean,it’s easy to navigate, and it doesnt make me feel trapped.

ORD is just somewhere to get in a plane.

I remember hating Dallas Ft Worth because I was still a smoker.

Little Rock airport was m miserable, but mostly because my flight was delayed past the closing time of the airport. Sitting in a dark airport with everything, including security shut down for hours was less than enjoyable. Didn’t help that I was still a smoker and couldn’t get to the smoking area, or outside because if I left then I wasn’t allowed back in.

Heathrow is a lot of walking, but I get it.

Honolulu I was at in the early 90’s and yeah, it felt old, but cool, then.

LAX is likely the best it can manage to be, which is still carp.

ATL and DET are the best of a shit sandwich. Dulles is ok, and National is interesting.


IND wasn’t bad last time I was there. It feels like it’s about what I’d expect for a solid, medium-sized airport. The flight was interesting, as it was the BWI-IND GenCon run, and we did see a guy have a meltdown because he was last boarding a Southwest flight and was freaked out that his son would have to sit two rows away, possibly with the freaky-looking gamers in the back. He almost started an incident despite:

  • It being his own fault (presumably) they didn’t check in early and boarded last.
  • Someone being willing to give up their own spot so he could sit with his kid without even a request/bribe from the attendants
  • Everyone just wanting to get the short flight moving, because it was full-up and there’s some measure of truth to the ‘gamers avoid bathing’ trope.

I really need to do that trip again some time…


Naw, maybe about 5 or 10 minutes. It’s a really narrow channel. :slight_smile:


Yup. I was really annoyed by that when it happened. As I recall… After Brian Johnson’s doctors finally got him to get off the stage, they called in Axl to fill in for 6 or 8 stops on the tour. Stuff that happened, not necessarily public, rumors leaked. At one point, they did a search, and had singers interviewed and perform try outs. There was a singer from a tribute band (in like the Carolinas, I think? Georgia maybe?) who completely blew them away. He was frickin’ awesome, sounded like Brian Junior or something. But it was deemed that he didn’t have enough experience, and perhaps stage presence (Really? It isn’t like Brian or the rest of the band are all that much to look at.) to satisfy some executives - I’m guessing record label execs, producers, and whoever bankrolls the tours. And so, they kept Axl on. Brain can do studio recording, but had to stop touring or loose all of his hearing. His ears are permanently damaged.

Full disclosure - Though I had Appetite for Destruction on cassette tape back in the day, I am not a fan of Axl. Way back, before they were really known, Guns N’ Roses was the substitute opening act at an Alice Cooper concert, because Ace Frehley got sick before the Houston show. Guns N’ Roses sucked sooo bad, I can’t even. It was just horrible. Out of tune, out of sync. It was noise, not music, and I’ve listened to some really borderline awful music… Stormtroopers of Death and such.


ORTIA is too big and large to my taste.

Lanseria is closer to my domicilium, smaller and not so busy.


If they were a last-minute replacement act, it’s likely that they were too drunk/high. Or not drunk/high enough. Whichever it was, they weren’t drunk/high the exact right amount.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Axl was always a Grade-A A-hole


Well, mouse, I know that probably looked like a great place to make a bed, but you learned the hard way that fiberglass insulation is not something you want to chew on. Poor little guy.


Whew, GenCon number… 5 or 6 is done for us.

Went only three days, but did Thursday instead of Sunday and I’m ok with that. Had an old army buddy and his family go with us. Played Witch Hunt until 2 AM Thursday night, about 3:30 Friday night, and got home at 7:15 Sunday morning after pulling an allnighter Saturday night.

Turns out we’ve been playing this game since before it was Kickstarted and we usually play it with the designer as our moderator. It’s a take off on Ultimate Werewolf that’s a lot more fun and interesting to play.

The last game Sunday morning was a double sized game, the largest he’s done is 37, we were 31. And about half the roles we played were hand written on note cards.


In other news, I only bought four games. Red Dragon Inn, which I’m very late to, but is a very fun fluffy game. Everwood, which is a worker placement/tableau building game with fluffy animals. Exploding Kittens, which will likely live in the truck for travel, and Steampunk Munchkin.


In other news, a game developer sucker punched youtube for his beliefs at a bar after verifying his ID. A day later GenCon was tweeting about the person s game on their official feed and was blocking and banning anyone asking questions.

Dude A seems like a typical minor edgelord, while the assailant seems to be typical violent SJW. Walked up to the guy at an informal meet and greet, verified his name and grabbed his shirt and started punching him in the head repeatedly. The broke a window at the bar and ran away.

I’ve seen multiple conservative guests get uninvited to cons because some random person doesn’t feel safe, and yet when there is an actual attack, nothing. He’s filed a police report so we’ll see.


Uhm, your post seem to have a couple of broken sentences?


My day today was like being in an episode of “How it’s Made”. I helped a buddy extract 1,000 pounds of honey using all kinds of automated processes.

The same thing I did with a five gallon bucket and a knife and drill, they could do in about three minutes with this stuff. Took me hours last year.


I’m about to drive to DC to babysit an install. I’m wearing a suit because it’s that office, but avoiding the tie. Really, spending an entire day stressing because I have to drive to DC and all to probably do nothing. Wish me luck!