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Also, you can nickname it ‘Heironymous’ and start referring to your kitchen as the “Garden of Earthly Delights.”


The correct response to “Are you calling me a liar?” is almost always “No, I’m saying you are mistaken. You, however, are calling me a liar”


Why dinna ye wait for membership number 007? :stuck_out_tongue:


Installation is free if you do it yourself! :smile:


We had a movie we wanted too rent. Probably Thunderball.


Apparently they have a new photographer at my daughter’s camp. I see multiple pictures of the same kids and not a single member of my daughter’s cabin since Sunday.

I’m not worried about her safety or anything, but it is nice to see pictures to see what she’s doing.


Today has been unusually busy for the AM. I think the PM will be quieter, as everyone was trying to hit noon cutoffs.


I paid 10 cents per mile to drive on the PA Turnpike last weekend!? WTF?


Had to do the turnpike for work earlier this year. $26.10 to get to Harrisburg. AFTER losing three hours to a wreck that shut the expletive deleted thing down. Took the long way back. Sure, it was an extra 50+ miles and took an extra hour, but it just isn’t worth the price anymore.


Wow, that’s outrageous. I can remember my family using the turnpike to go from Maryland (like, right outside D.C.) to Ohio when I was a kid, but that was before I-68 was available.


Wow and here I bitch about paying $2.50 to use the South Bay Expressway to get to my sister’s house instead of going the long way around and taking the 805.

We don’t have too many toll roads here in SoCal and that was a thing that screwed with me when I went back east. Especially in NJ.


A bunch of yahoos in Austin got all kinds of giddy with the idea of “TOLL ROADS EVERYWHERE!!!”.
In my head, I liken them to the Marketing Department of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation.


The etoll saga in SA refers. It was rushed in because a lot of top brass types had visions of lots of $$$ pouring in.

Most of the motorists in SA refuse to pay, and it is on the verge of shutting down.


Parts of Florida are nuts for tolls now. If you travel to the state and get a rental car, just pay for the toll option… Trying to drive and avoid tolls even in Miami can be frustrating.


In the past few years, I’ve had to go to Worcester, MA, and Allentown, PA. Both times, I flew in, rented a car, and had to pay tolls - from Boston and Newark. Both times, it was over a month later when the rental car company charged my card for the tolls, and both times, my Boss was like, WTF, what are these charges? The second time, I warned him, but the charges hit so long after the trip had been deleted from short term memory that it came as an unwelcome surprise.


Well I’ll be damned - Allentown is equidistant from PHL & EWR. EWR has the bonus of not havening to drive around/through Philadelphia.

But it’s EWR, so I’d still fly to Philly.


I had the same dilemma. EWR was several hundred dollars cheaper from IAH, though, so decision was based on that.


I’ll pay extra to not go to EWR


Granted, the town sucks, but I don’t have any major complaints about the airport. Surprisingly, the traffic from & to the airport wasn’t as bad as I expected. Before United screwed up the culture, CoAir’s hubs were IAH, EWR, and CLE, and the flights between hubs were plentiful (if not always the cheapest, which didn’t make any sense to me.) When I had to fly into PHL for a deposition,geez, that airport was a tremendous disappointment, especially the baggage claim area, which was claustrophobic and filthy. But, if I had to go again and I could make the dollars work out even, I’d probably fly into Philly, just to change it up. On some cases, the schedule is important, but on others, the budget is the bigger concern.


I have no feelings one way or the other about Newark itself, but I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with the airport.