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Also, I have way too many DVI cables.


I remember when those were like gold.

And last time I built a PC I realized that I’d finally gotten rid of 90% of my PC power cables and only had one or two laying around and the provided cable was like 2 feet long.


When we moved offices (6? 7? years back) I threw away a cubic foot of carefully bundled, now heavily compressed PC power cords.

I kept extra long or extra heavy, which made up another cubic foot of more loosely packed cables.

No device goes to the recycler or the trash with a cable; every - EVERY - new device comes with its own.
So I guess it’s my own fault. I’m a lot more willing to toss now days.


How many pounds of copper is that?


fsck me.

Three bad wheel bearings in my car, plus two egg-shaped tires. Hoping the tire shop will cover the tires under warranty, at least partially.

This after replacing one wheel bearing in dakwife’s earlier this year.


At least they’re cheap.


Had to do my Rolla’s front wheel bearings end of last year.

After 500kms I found that one of the bearings was a dud as it started to make noise. Had it replaced, all good so far.


They’re not havening a good time over at the shop. Bearings welded themselves into the hubs. Had to torch and hammer them out. Bolts rusted and rotted, had to torch those and do other horrible things, and now sending a runner out to the dealer to get new ones.

I feel like I owe them a case of beer or something.


With the closure of the two remaining Blockbuster locations in Alaska, the one in Bend, Oregon is the lone reamaining store in the United States. There’s a good article from 2014 called “A Look Back At Why Blockbuster Really Failed And Why It Didn’t Have To” that includes the missed opportunity to form a partnership in 2000 with a startup company called Netflix.

I’ll put this right alongside Borders Books & Music’s attempt at going online. They were having problems getting an online store going, so they turned to Amazon to help them fill orders. They eventually broke it off to make their own website, but turning to an already-established competitor to help run your business was not a good move.


funny enough,there is a video chain doing pretty well here in Indy. I think they cater to people who don’t have broadband, or who want to watch older stuff. These places are hunger, with thousands of titles.

They also rent game systems and games.


There are/were some video places in the DC Metro hanging on, and I’ve heard of others all over the place. I feel like they tend to be:

  • In areas where they likely own their land/building.
  • Cater to various niche groups (horror fans, B&W movie fans, adult video).
  • Often near universities and such.
  • Have secondary revenue streams (like import console gaming, which I feel is dropping into obscurity as well. Or tabletop gaming. And snacks.)
  • Often look a lot less ‘professional’ in trade dress and equipment than the average Blockbuster (I.E. hand-made barely-finished shelves).

My family first supported a local small-town rental store that began as a desk in the back of the town’s small appliance shop. We were loyal for years as that place moved into their own site, and grew to sell high-end stereo and home theatre equipment as well. They even rented (and sold) LaserDisks! My dad loved that we were member number… 003.

When we moved we joined the herd and went for Blockbuster, which was a hard decision but the only practical one really. I feel like we lost some of the quirkiness and such… But Blockbuster also had multiple copies of new releases and similar. Also, you could rent while on vacation or similar.


Blockbuster, like many other companies, moved into regions and replaced the mom and pops, and then died themselves. I think any place that survived Blockbuster is surviving now.

I haven’t been in a Family Video for years, but I think all they do is rent movies, games, and consoles.

Holy crap, they are a huge chain! They act as an anchor store for strip malls they own. So there is the hook.


Also, and unrelated, I just bought a new water heater tank for my camper. I bought it locally for $15 more than a delivered product from Prime… I can get it tomorrow and I can return it easily if it’s broken. I’m trying to support the businesses I want to exist near me more.


With one exception, all our Family Videos closed up long ago.


I’m guessing they’re regional? The logo doesn’t look familiar to me, and it looks like they’re all in the greater Great Lakes area. (Or would that be region?)


There are several Family Videos in my area of Wisconsin and they seem to be doing well. I just stopped at one a few weeks back after not stepping foot into it for a couple of years and found out I had about a $3 late fee. lol


I’m going through my photo library, trying to pare it down some and ditch the photos I have no need to keep.

At one off-roading event, apparently I acquired a collection of several peoples’ photos of the weekend. Great! Except…at least one camera’s clock was wrong. And now the photos are all out of order and it’s driving me crazy because it’s all sorted by timestamp.


Change the time on your computer, then run those photos through a conversion program to re-save the pictures. As long as you keep the quality settings at 100%, it shouldn’t actually degrade the quality or bloat the file size.


This is why I have considered stealing my wife’s camera when we’re about to go on vacations. Her dates are always off, and it bothers me.


Diagnosis on the dishwasher:

  • $81 for the service call to look at it. Applied to the bill if I get it repaired
  • Main pump’s bearings are shot. $145 for the part
  • Another $55 gets me a replacement of basically everything else mechanical that could break, plus the heater.
  • Final bill if we repair it is $400
  • We bought it for $550 in Fall 2012

I’m eyeing a Bosch for $719 (on sale) at Lowe’s but I don’t know what the install charge will be.


I bought a Bosch about 15 years ago. It’s still going strong, never had to have any repairs done to it. It’s worth spending the extra on good appliances if you can afford it.