Random Musings (and associated non sequiturs) v. 3.0


I personally hold to the “drunk party Geordie” method of cooking which is to strategically burn things until they’re no longer raw. …I’m also not the cook in our household :laughing:

If you have the option for both, never go for microwave. Even if you have to build an oven out of breeze-blocks and clay, it’ll be worth it for lasagne that’s actually tasty (I’m assuming lasagne, it was the first thing that popped to mind that has instructions for both)


Tavalisk have Gamil.

We have Gmail.


I miss the iodine swabs that the Red Cross used for blood drives. You’d go in, get your arm all oranged up, give blood, and wear that badge all day long.


Are you using the chlorohexadine now like we are in the more advanced/civilized countries?


Yes we are.


Just noticed that the last time I donated. I used to joke that they were prepping by applying BBQ sauce to the area.


I wanna go home.

It’s just after 2:00; I just got back from lunch (BBQ!!) and I’m stuffed. I doubt I’ll be at all productive for the rest of the day. I just wanna go home and either take a nap or fire up the Xbox and wander around the wasteland. Aside - I’m seriously considering buying a Fallout 3 add-on or the Vegas pack/whatever.


One of the counselors at my kids’ day camp goes by the name “Seabass” and I can’t not think of Cam Neely every time I hear it.


Last season on Survivor they started calling Sebastian “Seabass” and I had the same problem.


Didn’t Sebastian Janikowski (Raiders punter) have the same nickname?


He was the kicker but yes.


Is he ill-tempered? If so, be sure to strap a frickin’ laser to his head.


everything is broken right now and I need to scream


Scream away. We’ll pat your back and listen.


We had a power outage yesterday … while the rest of the team was out playing golf. I checked the datacenter, and everything was still good. The generator kicked in like it should and there was only a marginal packet loss reported. 2 of the 3 buildings were down, but in the other building that still had power everything was just fine.

When the power came back on (hours later), I checked everything and there was nothing wrong on our end. YAY! I went out to the club early to celebrate because everyone else had already left.


Shit that’s broke (possibly not a complete list):

  • Dishwasher
  • Digestive system on the fritz
  • Rear bearings and possibly more on my car
  • Slow leak in at least one tire on dakwife’s car
  • Woken up at 0408 by a job running way too long and conflicting with another job that isn’t my responsibility
  • Said job that isn’t my responsibility not working (probably the remote end)
  • Discovered a second job at 0408 running way too long
  • Email at 0730 that a change I made yesterday in production wasn’t correct and needs fixed ASAP

Adding more:

  • Change I made to a restore script is partially broken. Luckily only in test


Ugh. That’s a lot of stuff to deal with at once. Take a deep breath, and start with one thing at a time. Hopefully nothing new will jump out at you until you whittle that list down some.


See my edit above


… also, I’ve noticed that I’m out of Kleenex.


Last night my wife got called in to work at an unreasonable hour to fix something, which is at least a change from the norm.
She knew she needed a cable, so we both starred at my bins of random cables and hardware while trying to guess which cable is needed. And talking to people at the office who described the ‘funny symbol’ on the existing bad cable.

“Circles and triangles and squares connected by lines.”

I’m guessing a lot of readers could figure this one out: The Mystery Cable was… [spoiler]A USB Cable!


Tons in the box. Since there’s an XKCD for almost everything, here we go:

USB to micro, mini, maxi,various specialty cable. But it turns out I’ve never bought even a second ‘printer’ cable as I’ve never had more than one USB printer at home. I saved the day by providing our cable for a while. Worst case I can probably put our printer on wifi, but really we don’t print that much.