Random Musings (and associated non sequiturs) v. 3.0


Windows, I am having you delete some files and skip putting them into the Recycle bin. Why could I copy the files to that location but now you’re complaining about the path being too long when I just want to get rid of them?


That’s because Windows is stupid.


Here the users absolutely love to have super-long deep nested directories and filenames that goes well past the 255-character limit of NTFS etc.

Makes it an absolute joy to backup stuff.


Now, where’s that checkbox to convert all filenames to 8.3 format …


Cannot upvote this enough :slight_smile: Something only a true BOFH will do :slight_smile:


I’d forgotten about that. Is there a filecopy or backup program that could cope with the 255-character limit by making use of the 8.3 shortcuts?


Do the 8.3 shortcuts still exist? I thought that was a hack to make long filenames work on older filesystems.

Hey, HFS was crappy, but it supported an insane number of nested folders in the early 90s!


fsutil 8dot3name


Why would you voluntarily go back to the dark old ways of MASTER~1.DOC ?

Oh, for backup purposes then. Or whatever. Makes sense. Except it is no fun trying to decipher which MASTER~?.DOC is the right file.

OS/2 did it right with Extended Attributes, and you could search for the correct file, even if it had a rinkydinky 8.3 filename. But it was an extra step to take for the user.


I just realized something. With Toys R Us going out of business, this is a really good time to get a few items to put in the Toys For Tots and other toy donation bins this Christmas. There’s probably not much left by now, but anything is going to help.


What a brilliant idea! I’ll see if our store is still open. We don’t have Toys for Tots here, but we have something similar.


“Teddy Bear Patrol” drives are usually in April, but police departments, hospitals and emergency response teams probably can use more throughout the year. Thrift stores can also benefit and would be a good place for items bought from Babies R Us.


O get Child’s Play will take them.


Oh, the guys who have band practice in the office have learned more songs!