Random Musings (and associated non sequiturs) v. 3.0


Kryptonians sleep with their eyes open.


Problem solved.


All Kryptonians have a second, inner eyelid that have trace amounts of lead throughout. This is enough to block their xray vision when their eyes are closed.


I always thought he could turn it off and on. So maybe there is an inner lid that is transparent to light, but opaque to Xrays.


I think they’ve also at some point said that ‘X-Ray vision’ is a misnomer as it doesn’t sue X-rays and thus isn’t potentially raising cancer risks whenever he gets bored in a meeting or whatever.


Is Superman spending a lot of time in conference rooms these days?


Works for a corporation in the form of the Daily Planet, so I’d guess so. Seems like it happens everywhere. They’re probably pushing him to get his social media numbers up by doing top 10 list about the supervillians of Metropolis.

Or, for another take: I’ve seen literally dozens of panels of the Justice League sitting around big conference tables and I’ve read literally zero Justice League comics, so it certainly looks like they have lots of meetings.


Superman’s on the Daily Planet payroll now? I thought it was Clark Kent.


It’s so easy to get them confused.


How do you piss off LOTR, Star Trek/Wars, Marvel and DC fans in one go? :trollface:



How’s this? :stuck_out_tongue:


Dr Who, Parry Hotter, Star Trek/Wars, GoT, and (Battlestar Galactica?) in one go :smile:


Most bigotry can be simplified to “I hate you just because I hate you.”


So, now we have seen the full press announcement for MacOS 10.14 “Mojave” and to be honest I’ve never been so jealous of the husbear’s laptop… yes, it’s finally happened, but as of this Autumn my lovely GLaDOS is finally obsolete. Now, this comes as something of a surprise to me, because only once before have I ever had a computer become obsolete before it broke; the only other machine I’ve owned to succumb to the sands of time is my PowerMac 6200 (stop sniggering, she works just as … steadily as she did then… heh…).

Mojave looks slick. And not just because of universal Dark Mode (although that has already buttered me up (not like that you dirty people, it’s a colloquialism (hey, nesting (defun joke () (bad))))). Some of those features, especially Desktop Stacks, are immediately desirable. I’m one of those weirdos who only ever uses the Desktop as somewhere to store files I’m working on right now and everything else should be banished to reduce clutter. The new Preview has all but eliminated the need for Adobe Bridge, and the ability to annotate anything anywhere is going to be immensely useful for me. Oh and universal Dark Mode. Definitely a winner.

Also, the ability to universally create an application for both macOS and iOS at the same time is going to be huge, and will probably see more of a gaming community return to the Mac which would be nice, especially if the ARKit stuff transfers over neatly. To be honest though this has stoked musings about the Mac switching to ARM processors all the more but hey, we found out that OS X had been on Intel from the beginning, I have little doubt that they have people squirrelling away on an ARM version of macOS too.


I’m glad I brought a big loaf of my cheese bread in. It disappeared pretty fast.


Yeah, I like being able to make stuff, have the piece or two that is all I really need, then get coworkers to eat the rest.


I was working on something in the garage, and misread the time as an hour later than it was. So instead of working on my project for another hour, I’m done.


The new ‘narrow’ style Coke cans (used mainly for the flavored coke products locally) have a major issue: They don’t pour properly.

Just tried to pour the last of a can of Blood Orange Diet Coke into a cup’o’ice and the narrowness of the can caused the flow to arc, totally overshooting the cup and making a mess on my desk. Nearly soaking my probably-annoying-to-replace Lenovo desktop hub.


John Lasseter’s time at Disney is officially coming to an end. He’s back as a consultant and then retiring at the end of the year.


Okay, I know “Sherlock Gnomes” didn’t do very well when it was in theaters, but if you have to try and ride Pixar’s coattails by using a slogan of “These gnomes are incredible too!” for the Blu-ray release, that’s getting a little pathetic.