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Regarding Wheaton, and anyone else for that matter, the trick is to see if they have things to offer that are useful without dismissing everything about them. In this case, I may not agree with everything he says, but quite a bit of it is interesting and what he says about depression is helpful.


So, let’s see.

Hangouts/gplus people are either

  • bots
  • somebody looking for love
  • somebody wanting moniez
  • somebody wanting gift vouchers

Crazy. Best to block at first contact then.

From my side I’ve started to play with them. Couple of recents went quiet when I tole them that I’m 48, married and is over the hill.

Just this morning another popped up. So I asked her if she fancy being friend with benefits… she seemingly ignored that, the ensuing conversation was entirely one sided (she did not volunteer any info) and asked for money because of rent issues. Yeah right, I’m also struggling. When I told her no, poof, deafening silence.

Now I’m wondering just how successful are these sort of people asking for a handout here and there…


Not untrue, but if I have an overall negative opinion of someone then they’re not going to be my first choice go-to person for anything.


Boy Scout camporees are a lot more enjoyable when you’re older than 18. Just kick back, relax, and make sure no one gets hurt.

The 50+ MPH wind gusts the first night were an interesting twist.


Must have made for an interesting time getting the tents set up.


We did a camp-in with the Cub Scouts this weekend. Because most of our Scouts missed the camp out last month, we planned to camp at the church - there is a nice field behind the Parsonage that is mostly surrounded by trees. There is a spot where the Pastor sometimes burns limbs and brush, so I bought a fire ring and set it up there. We had a nice campfire with smores and a “Cracker Barrel”. (cheese/meat/cracker tray and some fruit on the tailgate of my pickup) Because the forecast said >50% chance of thunderstorms in the wee hours, I made the call to setup tents and do the actual camping in the Parrish Hall. That worked out great - climate control, bathrooms down the hall, and we cooked breakfast in the kitchen instead of setting up camp stoves outside. Very nice. (It did rain hard overnight but I don’t know if there was any lightning.) We again only had a few show up, but the families are slowly getting to be more friendly with each other, so I’m hoping that encourages more engagement and participation in the future.


These are the tents - tall enough that I can stand upright in the center. We broke two of the craptacular fiberglass poles, one of which ended up spearing the sleeve that it ran through. Once we had one tent up and realized what the rainfly was doing to us, I decided it was better if we leave the rainflies off all the tents - let the wind blow through the netting instead and hopefully they’ll survive.

The tents still got beat on by the wind, but not nearly as bad. One troop packed up and spent the night at home after 3 of their 5 tents got busted (aluminum poles).


If I ever get another tent, it will be tall enough to stand up in. I can almost stand up in mine, but not quite. The price was right, though - $35. But most of the tents I’ve seen that are tall enough to stand in are also friggin’ huge and expensive. I don’t want to be that guy - the one with the behemoth that takes up enough room for 3 families. (I was next to one of those at BALOO training. It took forever to setup, too.)


Every time my mother schedules an appointment or needs me to do something my cost for the trip is $40 in lost financial opportunities, $20 in gas, $10 in food, and the time and energy that was supposed to go to my house and chore list.

Yes I’m helping still, but the assumptions and taken for grantedness is getting annoying. I’m literally several hundred in the hole in this already.

Maybe I’m being petty, but the gratitude lasts about as it takes to say thanks. And then it’s on to the next need.


Is there a tactful way to say, “Hey, would it be possible to combine some of these tasks/outings? The treks are adding up.”
Or would that go against a family dynamic?

Are you the nearest of your siblings?


I just got an e-mail from Google Maps. Apparently a review I wrote for the Sheraton Hotel in town has received 50 likes so far. “I visited, but didn’t stay there. The ambience was quite nice, and it was great catching a feebas (pokemon) on the marina. ;-)” :laughing:


I’m teaching subnetting this week.


I remember subnetting clicking really fast for me while some of my classmates struggled with it. I’m no math genius but it’s just powers of two, people. It’s not rocket science.


Subnetting? CIDR notation? Piece of cake!

Old-school netmasks and the like? Painful. I’m so glad IP networking evolved from there.


Yes, if you’ve been doing it for a while. These guys are new to networking and this is their first exposure to how this works. They’re a fairly sharp bunch, though, and I think they’ve all got it now.


That’s kind of what happens with subnetting. For some it takes a while, others, get that “ah ha!” moment early on. Once it clicks, it clicks, though.


I found a book about J.P. Patches that includes some of the memorabilia from the show. In it is J.P. Patches’ Check List with these items:

  • Mind Mommy and Daddy
  • Wash Hands, Face, Neck and Ears
  • Comb Hair
  • Brush Teeth
  • Drink Milk
  • Eat All Your Food
  • Say Your Prayers
  • Share Your Toys
  • Put Your Toys Away
  • Hang Up Clothes
  • Patches Pall

Very simple steps that too often are not taught these days. :pensive:


So, what you’re saying is you want someone to meet you in the middle because you’re losing your mind just a little? It is? Oh, good. I wasn’t sure. You should say that in the song a few more times so it’s clearer.


Does Superman’s x-ray vision work through his own eyelids? If so, how does he ever get any sleep?


Now that’s thinkin’