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Maybe Oscar worked in IT, and only moon-lighted as a Sesame Street character?


Win10 is an absolute load of b0ll0cks - busy with reinstalling my work’s laptop as it is starting to bog down.

The usual bevy of apps is installed (firefox, chrome, office2013, and two or three others) so it should not be bogging down, but it does.

Blah. Win10 ftmfl


Garrison Keillor update.

The negotiations/mediation was a success. The same guy that told him to get out sent a letter earlier this month that sounded a lot like, “Hey, we’re all friends here. I always enjoyed working with you and appreciated how you helped me in the past. You want the archives back up. We want the archives back up. The fans want the archives back up. We can make this happen really quick.”

End result: Garrison gets $275K, both sides won’t sue the other, and yes, the archives of A Prairie Home Companion and The Writer’s Almanac will be back online at the end of the month.

I’m glad this is settled, but after hearing for months “Garrison did something bad but we’re not comfortable telling everyone exactly what it was”, to read the letter from that same person where he’s saying everything’s fine is a bit strange. There’s also the matter that it actually was a different person who made the woman’s objections known to MPR, and that guy is no longer with the Chris Thile show that succeeded A Prairie Home Companion. It’s like they found out they made a big mistake by getting rid of Garrison and had to figure out a way to save face.


Holy crap. Bill Zabka looks just like Daniel Craig


It’s funny how you don’t realize just how bad your old shoes have gotten until you get new ones. I mean, I knew that my old shoes needed to be replaced from the state of the lining, but oh, the new ones feel good!


How is it that steel plate magically turns into concrete in Marvel movies?

In The Avengers, when Hulk is trying to pick up Mjolnir, his feet start crushing the surface he’s standing on and we see rubble.

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, when a grenade explodes on the flight deck of one of the Project Insight helicarriers, we see rubble thrown into the air.

In both cases, those decks would be inch-plus thick plate steel here in the real world. Why is it concrete?


Never noticed that. Probably because of theatrics.


Maybe it’s like putting wood on old ships? Keep spalling down?


One good thing about concrete is that it absorbs the energy from ammo better than a steel plate.


Crowdfense, a startup company based out of the United Arab Emirates is offering up to $3 million for anyone who can offer a zero-day exploit on macOS, iOS, Android or Windows.

Um. A startup company. Offering $3m. They include Windows and Android in that list.

So I know they’re based in the UAE, and I have my own worries about that anyway, but also, where the hell does a startup company get $3m, let alone the multiple millions and millions they will need to fork out every time someone in the Android dev team sneezes?

Also I trust anything coming out of the UAE about as much as I trust a sign that says “free candy” painted on the side of the Rapevan 5000 (Ford really should have picked a better name). I get the general impression that the exploits won’t ever get reported to the appropriate country, and at some point the whole list would be leaked, in plaintext, and gobbled up by the Russians, Chinese, Koreans, Indians and Americans - any of whom would just love to be able to get into any one of those systems.


Eh? Is that where that “free candy” meme comes from? Intriguing…



found this :



That is more or less what I had in my head, yeah :joy:


Also, that might not necessarily be a scam… maybe an extremely well endowed gentleman is offering … services for a fiver?




Nope, that’s a Chevy, not a Ford.

Dodge used to have the Ram Van. Not quite as bad as Rapevan, but it was the actual product name. Giggity not included.


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has expelled Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski.


Wil Wheaton has posted the speech he’s going to be giving at a conference called “Fulfilling the Promise”. It is a very honest speech called “My name is Wil Wheaton. I live with chronic Depression, and I am not ashamed” that helps others see that mental illness is not weakness. It’s a treatable illness.


He’s still a self important wanker. The next moment in time where he can actually understand a viewpoint that disagrees with him will be the first.

Ballsy and good of him to speak openly of his issues with Depression though. My dad is a sufferer and I wish I had a dollar for every time someone told him or me to just get over it and go on with life.

Holy shit, Roman… only took 40 years right? Does that mean I don’t have to listen to A listers defend him anymore?


So very true.