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Maybe Oscar worked in IT, and only moon-lighted as a Sesame Street character?


Win10 is an absolute load of b0ll0cks - busy with reinstalling my work’s laptop as it is starting to bog down.

The usual bevy of apps is installed (firefox, chrome, office2013, and two or three others) so it should not be bogging down, but it does.

Blah. Win10 ftmfl


Garrison Keillor update.

The negotiations/mediation was a success. The same guy that told him to get out sent a letter earlier this month that sounded a lot like, “Hey, we’re all friends here. I always enjoyed working with you and appreciated how you helped me in the past. You want the archives back up. We want the archives back up. The fans want the archives back up. We can make this happen really quick.”

End result: Garrison gets $275K, both sides won’t sue the other, and yes, the archives of A Prairie Home Companion and The Writer’s Almanac will be back online at the end of the month.

I’m glad this is settled, but after hearing for months “Garrison did something bad but we’re not comfortable telling everyone exactly what it was”, to read the letter from that same person where he’s saying everything’s fine is a bit strange. There’s also the matter that it actually was a different person who made the woman’s objections known to MPR, and that guy is no longer with the Chris Thile show that succeeded A Prairie Home Companion. It’s like they found out they made a big mistake by getting rid of Garrison and had to figure out a way to save face.