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And somewhere i always wonder if maybe it was all true plus even more. That he was so deep in it that the cover was a cover for something even wilder.

I guess it’s part of many nature to imagine things being more narrative, and less beige .




I’m not sure what’s worse, getting a song stuck in your head so it becomes an “ear worm”, or the fact that I can’t seem to tell if I’m singing the original “Calendar Girl” song or the Purina Cat Chow commercial version called “Calendar Cat”.


This is a cool story, I don’t know much about wrestling, but this is well written and fascinating. A bit long…


Well, no further criminal investigation/charges. Just sociopath/pathological liar or maybe just batcrap crazy.

Pro tip: don’t weave your web of lies with things that can easily be documented as false. And cryin’ out loud, don’t save the receipts for your props. Pay cash and burn the paperwork.


Watched Jumanji (1995) yesterday evening. Back then it was good, but today’s CGI have spoilt us and you can clearly see that the animals are rendered, most especially the lion and monkeys.

  1. Invite friends to join you on vacation
  2. Tell them it’s “no kids”
  3. Listen for “No kids!?!” from 3 counties away (said friends have 3 kids, including a set of twins)

We booked our next cruise last week while out on the water. It’s not until next year, it’s a short one, but it’s just the two of us as it’ll be our 15th anniversary. The aforementioned friends will be a few weeks from their 20th, so the timing seemed good.


My eleven year old daughter saved up her half of a new desktop PC by working her ass off. I made room in our budget for our half.

And GPU cards are freaking double the price we were expecting. I used logical increments for pricing and part picking and my daughter has been pouring over the different options… But now we have to figure this out.


Apparently GPUs are really good for bitcoin mining - hence the huge price rises recently.
I bought a new PC recently and had to settle for a slightly less powerful graphics card because of the price rises. I still got a good one, but it was hellishly expensive.


And don’t buy a secondhand GPU, chances are that it had been bitmined to heck and back again.


Yeah, right now I’m looking at a 1050 Ti, two and a half year old tech. But old enough that it’s only about 15% above MSRP.

I’d like to get her a 1060, but that’s just not going to happen.


Why do dead ants smell so bad?


I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks that! It’s one more reason that I hate the little things. I did some research and found out that they release formic acid when they die, and that’s what puts out that awful smell.


Is the code that performs the bitmining being stored in a GPU’s NVRAM, firmware or other permanent storage? I know that since they have their own processors, they can work on code independently, but I wasn’t aware that it could stick around if the video card is installed in a new computer with a different OS.

Or, is it just that the bitmining program would be exercising the GPU enough that we’re talking about a reduced lifespan of the electronic components?


That. They excercise the GPU to its max. Keep in mind modern GPU’s have to do a lot of work to render polygons, pixels, sprites and other amusing things for games on the monitors…


It’s that time of year, so I have 2-5 random little tiny ants wandering my desk when I work from home for the day. I don’t want to encourage this behavior.


For some reason it reminds me of the widget program that can draw penguins, sheep and other things that walks around on top of your windows on your desktop, occasionally falling down to the bottom of your desktop.


A rite of passage has been passed, I unsubscribed from Build-a-bear’s emails today. I won’t need them for a while.


I kind of miss running stupid stuff like that. I had ‘christmas lights’ on my display back in college and tons of screensavers, some playable.

The Oscar the Grouch extension for Mac OS was apparently a real mess as it got installed in schools and encouraged kids to delete stuff. Like the System Folder contents or apps. It basically tweaked the ‘Empty Trash’ menu item so Oscar from Sesame Street would pop out of the MacOS trash can and sing briefly every time.


I remember as a kid watching Sesame Street thinking that Oscar just needed to lighten up. Now that I’m in my 40s I understand why he was so grouchy all the time. He’s kind of my spirit animal.