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I knew him on here before the incidents, but I was away when it blew up. I felt sorry for him some, and some of his stories didn’t seem right, but I didn’t suspect anything.

Hell, @sig has had a whole military career since I first met him on here.


Ahh, I guess that was before me, too.


About the same for me - possibly a bit under 5 years.


Probably 15+ for me.


That all happened 10+ years ago now, I think. I found one of his arrest records from 2006 and I know where I was living when one of the really big deals happened which puts it in the latter half of '05.





I even tried to get him out of Walter Reed* for a meet one time. That was a pre-smart-phone adventure.

*Which he was, presumably, never at.


For those not clued in on Teh Jawa, a primer.


Yeah, I was a contractor at Aych Pee in Vancouver when this started way back when. I left that job in September 2001. Freshly laid off, I enlisted after the Iraq invasion in '03. 15 years ago on 30 April.


His posts detailing his adventurous IT career were funny, entertaining, and completely bogus. After the truth was found out, we got a one-time post from some woman who claimed to know him telling some of their relationship and how he had used her. I’ve often wondered if it wasn’t Jawa taking one last stab at us. At some point, he became “He Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken”. I got in trouble for speaking it. Looks like it’s okay to do that again.


Wow - I remember Jawa, too. Have I been around (on and off) that long?


Me too.

I’m one of a few people on here who met Jawa in person (with @Lee_Ars and KK in Dallas all the way back in 2003) . I should have twigged that he was full of it then because he seemed not at all like his online persona. But I shrugged it off as “OK, this dude has seen some shit so maybe he’s more reserved in person”. Of course that was before we knew he was never in the military and hadn’t seen any of said shit. Sometimes I wonder if his buddy gixxerjasen wasn’t just a sock puppet he set up to give himself some credibility.


Jawa was still posting when I first joined here too, but not for very long so that dates me to about 15 years as well.

On a more random musing note, who or what is a Dawd, and why is their offspring used to describe someone who is moving really slowly?


The xkcd comic for today added context menus with a lot of choices to explore.


BAH! TIME WASTER!!! :smile: :rofl::clap::clap::clap::+1:


I swear that cat has his own alarm clock.


Who wasted their time with that hoverboard game? :smiley:

the rm -rf thing did zippo on my Mint system.


I cast longstrider as a bard in the D&D game and it linked me to this comic…https://xkcd.com/1065/

Dude is brilliant, and has lots of time.


I got eaten by a grue. Several times.


Thanks, @sig